Packing tips for first time travellers: 10 things you shouldn't forget to pack

Going on a trip abroad for the first time?

And now you're afraid that you will forget something important behind?

Don’t worry. Just create a packing list, follow it and you’ll be good.

If there is one thing I’ve learned about packing from all my travels, then that’s this - packing lists makes things so much easier. What not to forget to add to the packing list? What are some of the most important things in your luggage?

What are the things first timers usually forget?

Check out this list!

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Travel essentials

10 things you shouldn't forget to pack

1. Earplugs

If you are a light sleeper, earplugs are an absolute must.

With the help of these little foam devices, you will get some sleep on a noisy airplane, night bus or train. Or when sleeping at the airport.

There are special airplane earplugs designed exclusively for air travel. Not only they will reduce harsh noise, but also relieve ear discomfort, prevent clogging and popping usually caused by changes in cabin air pressure.

Earplugs are a must also for budget travellers and backpackers, especially for those who stay in hostel dorms. The earplugs are a great help in these situations, as they’ll block out snores of your roommates.

Earplugs will also come in handy if you are staying the night in a hotel which faces a noisy street.

Yes, chances are that you might not need them but better be safe than sorry.

Besides, earplugs doesn’t take up much space, and aren’t expensive.

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2. Cables, chargers & power bank

So many people forget chargers, especially when they are packing for their first trip.

How not to forget to pack cables and chargers? Just make a packing list and write down all chargers and cables for all devices you’ll carry. Before leaving for the airport check if you have all the chargers (and all the other stuff).

Also, bring a power bank with you so your phone or tablet never runs out of juice.

We suggest you to invest in a large capacity power bank (15 000 - 20 000 mAh), that can charge your phone not just once or twice, but more.

Travel adapter charger

3. Travel adapter

One of the must-have gadgets for travel.

Yes, you can always buy one at your destination.

But it's a better idea to have a decent travel adapter already with you. So, if you arrive at your hotel very late when all the shops are closed, you still can charge your electronics. And not worry about these things.

The best travel adapters are the universal ones.

These are all-in-one adapters with extra USB ports.

You can use them anywhere in the world.

Universal travel adapter is essential for every frequent traveler.

4. Sunscreen

Mostly you need it anyway.

And it might be cheaper if you bought sunscreen at your home country.

Especially if you are traveling to Southeast Asia where sunscreen can be ridiculously expensive.

If you travel with hand luggage only, don't forget about carry on luggage restrictions. Buy a couple of small, travel sized ones, or pour from the large bottle to a couple of small travel bottles.

5. Medicines

Just in case.

If needed - do not forget about your prescription medication either.

And your hand luggage is the best place to keep it.

Never pack your medicines in your checked luggage. What if you’ll need to take some of your pills during the flight? Or if your luggage gets lost or it’s delayed? That's why it's always a much better idea to keep all your essentials in your hand luggage.

Do not forget to pack your contact lens solution, if you are using any.

Tourists sightseeing

6. Hairbrush (or comb)

It's very easy to forget your hairbrush / comb.

The best travel hairbrush is a small foldable one with a mirror.

Get yourself one of those, and always keep it in your purse. Before packing for your holiday most probably you will go through the contents of your purse, and take the necessary stuff from there and pack it in your travel bag, including the brush.

7. Rain gear

Rain gear, such as rain jacket (or poncho), water resistant shoes, umbrella and backpack rain cover, may come in handy during all kind of trips.

Especially if you are traveling in Europe.

Even more so if you're in Europe during the autumn or winter.

Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly.

And even though there’s no rain, you can still use the gear. The rain jacket can double as a regular jacket. Mostly rain jackets are also windproof, and will keep you warm on a windy day.

Backpack rain cover can double as a protective cover.

It's especially useful if you are storing your bag somewhere dirty.

8. Swimwear

Are you going somewhere warm, or does your hotel have a swimming pool?

Don’t forget to pack swimwear!

If you do forget, you can always buy swimwear at your destination, but chances are that the prices may be ridiculous (especially in tourist hotspots), or they wont have anything you like. Believe me, you don’t want to be in your vacation photos wearing a not-so-cool bikini (or swimming trunks)!

Sunglasses on the beach

9. Sunglasses & prescription eyeglasses

Sunglasses often are a must!

Either you are driving, or riding a bike, or just walking, eyeglasses will come in handy. They cut down sun’s glare and protect your eyes against the sun's UV rays.

Do not forget to pack your sunglasses if you are going skiing or hiking in the mountains. Snow reflects 80% of UV rays from the sun and can cause a condition known as snow blindness. The perfect sunglasses for a skiing trip are wraparound sunglasses. They are curved, and wrap around the face, blocking the rays also from the sides.

Also, do not forget to pack your prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses (if you use them).

10. Documents & itinerary

You probably think that you would never forget to pack your passport.

But some people do.

It’s actually pretty easy to forget about your passport. As you don’t carry it with you on daily basis. Just like with the rest of the stuff, add it to your packing list - international travel document checklist. Double check it before leaving for the airport.

Don’t forget about your bookings and itinerary.

We suggest you to download all the bookings, tickets and boardings passes, and save them on your phone. Airport WiFi may not be reliable, so it’s better if all of your tickets, boardings passes, bookings as well as itinerary are accessible offline.

You don’t have to print out your itinerary, boarding passes and bookings.

Unless it is specified to do so.

In most cases you can have everything on your phone, and use mobile boarding passes, mobile tickets and booking confirmations offline.

Remember - create a packing list first!

Have a great trip!

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