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You are flying with non-EU, non-UK airline: What laws protect you?

Your flight is operated by a non-EU, non-UK airline. What laws protect you in case of flight delay, cancellation or overbooking? You might not know that but some flights are still protected under the European regulations (i.e., UK261 and EU261), even if they are operated by an airline registered outside of Europe. This article discusses all the various scenarios - there are 8 possibbilities.

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EU flag

You are flying with a EU airline: What laws protect you?

In this article, we'll talk about the laws that protect you when you fly with EU airlines like Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, Ryanair, LOT, Aegean Airlines, and others. These laws are there to make sure that you get treated fairly when things go wrong. The laws we are referring to here are the EU Regulation 261/2004 and the Regulation UK261. Depending on the situation, you might be able to refer to one or both of them.

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You are flying with a UK airline: Which laws protect you?

Which laws protect you when you fly with an airline registered in the UK? This article explains the circumstances under which you can claim compensation when flying with a UK airline like British Airways, easyJet, FlyBe,, or Virgin Atlantic. Depending on the situation, one or both regulations (EU Regulation 261/2004 and Regulation UK261) may apply. Read on to see all the possible scenarios.

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Stopover vs Layover: What is the difference?

Stopover vs layover? Is it the same thing? Or is there a significant difference between layover and stopover? In fact, there are several differences between the two. The main difference, however, is the time spent at the airport. Layover is a 45-minute to a few-hour wait at the airport between two flights. Stopover, on the other hand, is a long layover, a layover that is longer than 24 hours, often a couple of days.

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Who regulates UK airlines?

In order to ensure safe and efficient air transport in any country, there usually is some form of regulatory authority that oversees the industry. In the UK, this responsibility falls on the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). It is CAA’s responsibility to make sure that air passengers have a safe journey every time they fly — but what exactly does it mean in real life? How does CAA protects you and me?

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UK flight cancellation compensation

Are you dealing with a cancelled flight in the UK? You might be entitled to compensation, depending on the circumstances! If your flight has been cancelled because of something on the airline's end (like technical issues) and the flight was to or from the UK, you could receive compensation of up to GBP 520 under UK regulations. Read on for more information about the rules surrounding UK flight cancellation compensation.

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UK denied boarding compensation

How to claim UK denied boarding compensation? If you arrive on time for your flight but are still not allowed to board, it's possible that the flight has been overbooked. Overbooking is a common occurrence in air travel industry. In this case, unless you voluntarily agree to give up your seat and fly later, you may be entitled to receive UK or EU denied boarding compensation of up to GBP 520 per passenger.

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How much compensation can you claim for flight delay in the UK?

Was your UK flight delayed? Was it delayed due to airline's fault, such as technical problems? If yes, you could be entitled to receive UK flight delay compensation of up to GBP 520 as per the law. However, you won’t be getting the same amount for every flight. The UK flight compensation amounts differ from flight to flight — the longer the flight, the more you can claim. The amounts are the same for cancellations and denied boarding.

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Connecting flights at different airports: Changing airports

You are having connecting flights at different airports. That means you’ll be changing airports in between the flights. If so, then it is important to be aware of the potential challenges and pitfalls that could arise. Navigating different airports can be tricky, especially if you are unfamiliar with the airport layout and the city’s transport system. How to handle the process of changing airports?

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Why seek legal representation to claim UK flight compensation?

Obtaining compensation for UK flights can prove to be a perplexing and time-consuming task. We, at Refundor, offer a solution to this challenge. Just like all the best flight delay compensation companies, we help provide our clients with an easy and effortless compensation process. Whether you are a European national or not, or whether you flew with a European or non-European airline, we are ready to assist you.

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How to claim UK flight compensation?

Flight delays and cancellations can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, the UK has a regulation in place that enables passengers to claim financial compensation when their flight is delayed or cancelled due to certain conditions. In this article, we will look at the process of claiming flight compensation in the UK and what you can do if your claim is rejected. There are two options how you can claim UK flight compensation.

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UK flight delay compensation

Was your UK flight delayed? The good news is, that in many cases the law is on your side! If a flight delay occurs due to airline's fault, such as technical problems, and it’s a flight travelling to or from the UK, then you could be eligible for UK or EU flight delay compensation of up to GBP 520. This guide will provide all the details on UK rules when it comes to claiming compensation for delayed flights.

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Travel insurance

What is a flight delay insurance?

In short, it’s a type of insurance that covers flight delays. In most cases, it’s included in your travel insurance policy. It offers coverage for costs related to missed flights, missed connections, and more — providing you with financial protection should your airline fail to be timely or reliable. Read on for a look at the importance of flight delay insurance and travel insurance in general.

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People waiting for their flight at a gate

What is a late aircraft delay? Compensation?

Flight delays are a common occurrence, and they can be caused by a variety of factors. One type of delay that passengers may encounter is a late aircraft delay (or late arrival delay, as sometimes it is called). This occurs when the incoming aircraft that is scheduled to operate a flight arrives late, causing a delay for the outbound flight. Does this qualify you for flight compensation?

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People waiting for their flight at a gate at an airport

Denied boarding compensation for old flights? It’s possible

When it comes to European flight regulations, yes, it is possible to claim denied boarding compensation for old flights. When making a claim, keep in mind that there is a time limit for that. While some countries in Europe may have generous time limits (even 6 years), other European nations are stricter when it comes to time limits for claiming compensation from an airline. Below is a list of countries!

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Flight cancellation compensation for old flights? It’s possible

Can you claim flight cancellation compensation for old flights? Yes, it is possible. You can claim flight compensation for old flights in the EU, but there is a time limit for making a claim. The time limit depends on the laws of your point of departure. Certain European countries may allow you to make a claim up to 6 years after your flight date while others have more stringent regulations when filing compensation claims.

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Can you find out why a flight is delayed?

Have you ever been stuck at an airport, waiting for your delayed flight to take off? You’re not alone. Delays happen all the time, and they can be incredibly frustrating. The good news is that in many situations you can get compensation for delay, as long as the delay is due to the airline’s fault. But how do you find that out? How do you find out why a flight is delayed? First, you contact the airline.

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People at the airport - Connecting flights

Connecting flights: Frequently asked questions

Flying direct may sound great. But not always taking a direct flight is an option. Even now when there are direct 12+ hour flights and it’s possible to fly directly from London to Perth in Australia. In some situations it’s gonna be way more expensive than taking a connecting flight between the same two places, in other - you will simply have no choice but to take a connecting flight. How do connecting flights work?

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Ryanair plane on tarmac

Flight delay compensation: How long does it take to get it?

Your flight is heavily delayed due to the airline’s fault. You are entitled to compensation, and you are making a claim to receive it. But how long should you wait until taking further steps? In this article we will explore how long it typically takes to receive compensation after a delayed flight, what steps can be taken to ensure timely payment, and under which conditions compensation may not be eligible at all.

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Flight delay compensation for old flights? It’s possible

Can you claim flight delay compensation for old flights? Yes, it is possible. You can claim flight compensation for old flights in the EU, but there is a time limit for making a claim. It depends on the laws of the country you are flying from. While some European countries allow you to claim compensation even after 6 years, some European countries have stricter rules when it comes to claiming compensation.

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Self-transfer flight compensation in Europe

Self-transfer connecting flights can be a great way to save money on travel. Thousands of people fly this way every single day. But there are some things you should consider before making this type of booking. In this article, we’ll discuss how to book your own ticket for a self-transfer connection, what advantages and disadvantages come with it, and share tips on how to make the most out of your journey.

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Missed connection compensation in Europe

Did you know that in many cases, there is a right to compensation for missed connections on air travel? It doesn't matter where you're from or the cost of your ticket — EU law states that the airline must abide by this and pay when they are liable. You can either claim compensation yourself, or enlist professional help to get what's rightfully yours! Want to learn more about missed connection compensation?

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Your UK/EU flight compensation claim is denied. Now what?

You have filed a compensation claim, but your claim is denied. You did it directly with an airline. Even though facing rejection is discouraging, never lose hope! It's always worth another try — and trust us when we say that persistence pays off. If you don't feel comfortable navigating the process yourself, let us — a reliable flight compensation company, do all of the work for you. However, this isn’t your only option.

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UK/EU flight cancellation refund

Did your flight get cancelled? Don't worry – there may be a refund in store for you! According to the European Flight Compensation Regulation (EC) No 261/2004, airlines regulated by this law must provide refunds and / or compensation. Don't forget to seek reimbursement for your cancelled flight. This regulation applies to all airlines registered in the EU, EEA and the UK. In some situations, it applies to non-European airlines, too.

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Regulation UK261 explained

The UK left the EU at the end of January 2020. At first there was a lot of uncertainty among travellers. Everyone thought that it will make travellers from the UK and those travelling with UK airlines less protected, since in some cases EU Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004 won’t apply to them anymore. The thing is — you are still the same as protected (only by another law). Here’s how it works and what has changed.

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Claiming flight compensation on behalf of another person

Can you claim flight compensation on behalf of another person? And, if yes, what are the rules regarding that? What paperwork is required to file a claim, and how long does it take? Can you make a claim on behalf of someone who isn’t a family member of yours? What are the rules regarding your kids? These are some of the questions that we get asked a lot, and today we’ll answer them here, in this article.

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8 Million Euros in Compensation Every Day — This Is What the Summer of 2022 Turned Out for Air Travel Industry

8 million euro — that’s the daily average amount of flight compensation left unpaid by airlines in the summer of 2022. These are our estimates. The main reason? Ignorance. Most of travellers don’t know when and for what they can receive flight compensation, and accordingly don’t ask for anything. Especially when the situation at the airports is as hectic as it was this summer throughout Europe.

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Why seek legal representation to claim EU flight compensation?

Claiming EU flight compensation may be confusing. It can take a lot of time. Especially if you are doing it for the first time. This is where Refundor comes into play. Same like all best flight delay compensation companies we help our customers to get their compensation easy and fast. Let us be your legal representatives, and save your time and nerves. There are several reasons why it’s a much better choice.

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25 situations when you can get EU flight cancellation compensation

In Europe you are protected. It doesn’t even matter if you are a European, or not, you are still protected against flight delays and cancellations. If your flight is heavily delayed or cancelled less than 2 weeks before the day of departure, in many situations you will be entitled to EU flight compensation up to €600 per passenger. Here are 25 examples -- 25 situations when you can get EU flight cancellation compensation.

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Air Berlin airplane in the air

Diverted flight compensation: What are the rules?

What if your flight is diverted? Could you be entitled to diverted flight compensation in the EU? It can be confusing and irritating. You are on the plane en route to your destination, and then you hear an announcement that your plane will be diverted to another airport. You will be landing at another airport. What does it mean for you? What are your rights in these situations?

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Young disappointed woman sitting next to a suitcase

Last-minute flight cancellation: What are your rights?

What to do if your flight is cancelled last-minute? What are your rights in a situation like this? Are you eligible for flight compensation? If it’s a flight from the EU or with a EU airline, there’s a chance you might be entitled to compensation. While it’s very annoying and stressful, it’s nothing extraordinary, really. These things happen every day. Continue reading to learn more about your rights.

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Missed connecting flight due to delay? Read this

Have you ever missed a flight? What if you’re missing a connecting flight due to delay of your first flight? To put it simply, there are only a few most likely scenarious. In some situations you’ll have to do nothing. Your airline will take care of everything, in other - you’ll have to look for a new flight yourself. Sometimes you’ll be entitled to compensation, other times - no. Let me guide you through all the options.

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What are your rights for self transfer flights?

What about self transfer flights? What are your rights when things go wrong? When there are two or more flights, one after the other, they are called connecting flights. Generally speaking there are two types of connecting flights. One is called airline transfer, the other - self transfer. What happens if you miss your connecting flight (self transfer)? Can you get a flight compensation? Let’s go into details!

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Flight downgrade compensation: What are your rights?

The same like upgrading also downgrading happens. If you are travelling in Europe or with a European airline, there are very specific rules regarding that. And if you’ve been downgraded, the airline should pay you compensation. The amounts of compensation usually are between 30 to 75% of the price of the ticket, depending from the distance of your flight. Continue reading to learn more!

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Why do flights get delayed? 6 top reasons

It was a big problem already before the pandemic. Now the situation hasn't gotten any better. With the number of air passengers in Europe continuing to grow, it's more and more clear that the existing airport capacity fails to match the growth. As a result, the number of those affected by flight delays and cancellations continues to grow as well. Why do flights get delayed? What are the other reasons?

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Delta airline - non-EU airlines passenger rights

Flying with non-EU airlines: How to get flight compensation?

In the EU (and UK), air passengers are protected by law. If your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked, you can get compensation. All thanks to the Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 and Regulation UK261. The rules are very specific and apply to all commercial flights. But what about flights with non-EU airlines? Other airlines? What about tourists travelling to Europe? Learn more about it here.

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Girl at the airport

Codeshare flights: How to claim compensation?

Have you ever been on a codeshare flight? Chances are that you have been. Because it’s a common practice nowadays for airlines to cooperate and share a flight. But what happens if something goes wrong? Who’s gonna be held responsible if the flight is delayed or cancelled? What are your rights on codeshare flights?

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Suitcase and passport on the floor

Your passport expires soon. Can you travel?

Your passport expires soon. Can you travel? Can you enter a foreign country with a passport about to expire in 4 months? It depends on the country. But, as a general rule, passports must be valid for the length of the stay, plus they have to have several more months of validity. Exact number of months varies from country to country. Read on to learn more out about passport validity requirements.

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British Airways plane at the airport

Claiming British Airways flight delay compensation after Brexit: What has changed?

British Airways flight delay compensation claims. How can you claim British Airways flight delay compensation now, after Brexit? What has changed after the UK left the EU at the end of January 2020? In fact, almost nothing has changed. If before Brexit you were protected by the EU law, now you are protected by the UK law (Regulation UK261). And this new law is almost identical to the old one. Learn more about the rules.

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Best travel websites for planning a trip in Europe

Planning a vacation can be a tiring thing. Luckily we have the internet nowadays and the information is more available than ever. Apart from that, at least in Europe, you can also make most of your reservations online. All you have to know is the right sites and apps. If you are currently planning a trip in Europe, we have done the research for you. Here are some of the best travel websites for travel in Europe.

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Woman using laptop - Best Travel Blogs 2019

Booking a flight through an agency: Who is going to be held responsible if the flight is cancelled?

You can book your flight yourself or from a travel agency. Most travel agencies sell not only charter flights and package holidays, but also scheduled flights. But what happens if the flight you have booked with an agency is cancelled? What are your rights in a situation like this? Can you get a full refund from a travel agency? Does it affect your chances of getting EU / UK flight compensation?

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Getting a refund for a cancelled holiday (+ compensation)

Your travel agent has cancelled your trip. What now? Are you entitled to a refund for a cancelled holiday? If a travel agent cancels a package tour, they must act in accordance with the contract — refund the money and, in some cases, also pay compensation. If your package holiday was cancelled due to flight disruptions, you may also be entitled to a compensation from the airline. Read on to find out more.

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Small dog in a bag

Flying with a pet: Tips and tricks

Flying with a pet is possible, but it comes with its difficulties. There are airlines that allow pets, and airlines that doesn’t, as well as there are destinations that are less strict with pets, and others that are quite the opposite — very strict with that. As a result a research is required every time you plan on flying with your pet. Continue reading to learn more about travelling with pets.

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Tropical sunset

Great destinations in 2021 for Europeans

With the global situation improving, slowly but surely travel is returning. Things look even better if you have already received a full course of COVID-19 vaccination. As in more and more countries around the world fully vaccinated travellers don’t even need to provide a negative COVID-19 test in order to travel. Are you planning to travel abroad this year? Check out our list of great destinations for 2021.

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Is it safe to book flights through a third-party travel site?

More and more people use flight search sites looking for cheap flights. They allow you to compare the prices, and most importantly — help you to find great deals. However, booking a flight through a third-party website always comes with certain risks. It’s important to understand those risks, and to know how these sites work. So, you know also what to do if something doesn’t go as planned.

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Passport on the table

Do you need a visa for connecting flights?

Have you booked a connecting flight with a layover? And now you’re wondering, if you need a visa for a connecting flight? In most cases — no, you don’t need a visa, even if the layover is in a third country where you would need a visa to travel to. However, there are a few exceptions, as well as a few things you should know about transiting in a third country. Read on to learn more about it.

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Woman getting in taxi

Travel checklist for 2021 (COVID-19-Ready)

Slowly but surely people are starting to travel again. Only a year may have passed, but quite a few things have changed since 2020. The travel has changed. But it’s still possible, as long as you travel prepared — as long as you know what to expect, and what you are required to do before departure and upon arrival. Check out our travel checklist for 2021, and be prepared.

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Two pilots on an airplane

What happens if there is no aircraft available?

Your flight has been cancelled last-minute. You have contacted your airline, and they are saying that it’s all due to missing aircraft. Most likely the airline has decided to use this particular airplane for another flight, and you’ll have to take another flight later. What exactly are you entitled to in situations like these? What are your rights if there is no aircraft available?

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Man using a laptop

All you need to know about online check-in

What is online check-in? How does online check in work? And what is the point of checking in online for a flight? What are the benefits of web check in? Online check-in is a process when you confirm that you will be taking your flight, it’s done via the Internet. One of the top reasons why many people do it, is that often it helps you to save time and money, but these aren’t the only benefits. Read on to learn more.

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Packing a suitcase

Different types of luggage

When it comes to air travel, there are two main types of luggage. There’s carry-on luggage, often referred to as hand luggage or cabin baggage, and there’s checked-in luggage, often referred to as hold luggage. While these two are the most popular types of luggage, they aren’t the only ones. Read on to learn more about types of luggage, and what to do if your luggage gets lost, delayed or damaged.

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Airplanes on a runway at the airport

What happens if you skip a flight on your journey?

Hidden-city ticketing has been happening more and more often. It’s when you buy a connecting flight, but use only a portion of it. Because sometimes it’s cheaper than buying a flight to your destination. Doesn’t sound logical, right? But that’s exactly how airlines work sometimes. What happens if you skip a flight on an itinerary? Is it even allowed? Or will your ticket automatically become void due to no-show?

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Person standing inside airport

What if there is not enough flight crew?

Flights get cancelled and delayed due to number of reasons. And sometimes that happens due to an airline not having enough flight crew. The main reason why it happens is because in the European Union there are strict regulations regarding flight crew flight time limitations. What happens when there is not enough flight crew? What are your rights if that affects your flight? Could you be entitled to flight compensation?

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Toy plane on the world map

Air passenger rights around the world

When it comes to your rights, in the European Union these things are very well regulated. The best part being that for most part the rules regarding air passenger rights are the same in all EU countries. The only real difference is the time limit. While in Latvia you can claim compensation for flights only up to 6 months old, in many other countries it’s 2 or 3 years. But, yes, what about the rest of the world?

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People boarding an airplane

How to avoid flight delays?

Flight delays happen every single day. Which means that one day it may affect you as well. How to avoid flight delays, you may ask. Is it even possible? While you can never be 100% sure, but there are ways to make your odds of being on a flight that is delayed decrease. Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can avoid flight delays. No one wants their plans be ruined because of a delay, right?

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Map of Europe and the UK

Air travel: How Brexit affects your rights?

What has changed after Brexit? What does it mean for you? The most important thing is that now you, as a traveller, will be less protected when travelling with airlines registered in the UK, and also when flying from the UK. Because as of January 2021 in some situations you will no longer be protected by the EU Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004. Continue reading to learn more!

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Dark clouds over the sea

Flight cancellation due to weather conditions: Your rights

These are the times when it's considered not safe to fly, and bad weather is one of the main reasons why it happens. Extreme weather events can pose a serious threat to passengers, the crew and the plane itself. What does it mean for you? What if you have experienced a flight cancellation due to weather? What if you miss a connecting flight? Could you be entitled to flight cancellation compensation?

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Lightning in the sky

Flight delay due to weather conditions: Your rights

What if your travel plans have been ruined because of a single flight? A flight delayed due to weather conditions. What if because of that you miss another flight or flights? What are your rights in these situations? Could you be entitled to EU flight delay compensation? In short — in the EU and when travelling with EU airlines often you are protected. Read on to learn more on the topic.

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Letter signs on the table - Law

EC 261/2004: What is EU Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004?

EC 261/2004 or EU Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004 is a law in the European Union. To put it simply, it’s a set of rules created to protect air passenger rights in the EU and not only. Because while it’s a EU regulation in some cases it does work also outside of the EU, you don’t have to be European to be protected by it and in some situations it applies also to flights operated by non-EU airlines. Let’s go more into details.

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Airplanes at the airport seen through the window

Voluntary and Involuntary Denied Boarding: What if you agree to give up your seat and fly later?

You have arrived in the airport on time. Everything’s in order with your travel documents. But… you still are denied boarding. Most likely the reason of it is over-booking — the airline has sold more tickets than there are seats on the plane, everyone has come, and now there simply aren’t any more free seats. What's next? What’s the difference between voluntary and involuntary denied boarding?

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Money and boarding pass on the table

Does the price of your ticket matter?

The cheaper, the better, right? When it comes to the same service no one wants to pay more. But what about all the situations when there are some problems? What if your flight gets delayed or cancelled? Does the price of your ticket matters then? Does it affect your chances of getting flight compensation in the EU? Does the price matter when you’re applying for flight compensation?

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People standing on a mountain

Benefits of travelling

Beautiful photos on your social media, fun and relaxation. These are just a few and the most obvious benefits of travelling. There are quite a few more. And that’s also one of the main reasons why it's so hard for all of us, who love travelling, but can’t do it right now, because of the whole COVID situation. What are other benefits of travelling? Read on to find out.

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Person holding a toy plane

How airlines try to avoid paying EU flight compensation?

In the EU the rules are very specific. According to the regulation (EC) No 261/2004, if your flight is cancelled or delayed for 3 or more hours, very often you can get compensation from your airline. Even though the regulation is in place for more than 15 years, many still don’t know about it. Many don’t know about their rights. And airlines use it. Here are a few examples and tips on how to avoid it.

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Young woman wearing a face mask

How to properly wear a face mask when travelling?

As it looks, face masks are here to stay for a while. Since it’s still a new thing for most of us, often people feel lost as to what advice should you follow regarding face masks. When in doubts, we recommend you to listen to WHO.How to properly wear and remove a face mask? How to care for and select a face mask? Read on to find out what health specialists have said on this topic.

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Doctor holding chocolates

Do you need travel insurance to claim EU flight compensation?

How to claim flight compensation in the EU? What’s necessary to claim EU flight compensation? Do you need travel insurance to be eligible to do that? Even though the Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 has been around for more than 15 years, many still don’t know about their passenger rights, don’t know how it works, and what is the process of getting compensation from an airline like. Learn all about it here!

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Woman sitting on a pink suitcase

Your flight is delayed. Should you wait or proceed as planned?

Some delays are caused by bad weather, others - by technical problems and human errors. Regardless of the reasons, there's nothing as frustrating as finding out that your flight has been delayed. While most flight delays are short, in some situations you may have to wait for hours. And then there are also situations when flights gets cancelled at some point. What to do when it happens? Should you wait or should you proceed as planned?

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Woman wearing a face mask sitting on a suitcase

Your new travel essentials (as of 2020)

Travel and aviation industry is slowly recovering from the pandemic. The first steps are being taken. Countries around the world have starter to re-open for international tourism to fix their ailing finances. And people are taking this opportunity to finally break free and travel.Is it safe to travel now, you’ll ask? It can be, if you are taking precautions. Read on to find out what items can help you to stay heathy.

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A man hiking with a kid

Your kid can receive up to €600 in compensation

Age doesn’t matter. Your kid can receive EU flight compensation, too. When it comes to EU Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004, the rules are the same for everyone. If there’s a long flight delay or flight cancellation, and you’re entitled to flight compensation, your kid will be, too. And the amount of the compensation will be exactly the same. That includes infants. Continue reading to learn more about your rights.

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A guest house : hotel room

10 tips for staying in a hotel during the pandemic

COVID-19 has affected our lives more than we would want it to. While we don’t know when it will be completely safe to socialise and travel again, what we do know is that it’s gonna be more difficult. At least for a while. So, if you’re travelling now, or planning to do so, here are the things to take into account. To make your stay in a hotel during the pandemic as safe as possible. Take care and stay safe!

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Young woman with suitcase using hand sanitizer

Travelling during the pandemic? Here are the things to take into account

Non-essential travel is still not recommended in many places. But there are situations when you have to travel no matter what. And then there are also places where it’s kind of safe (though, unpredictable) to travel as of recently. Just to be clear, with this article we are not encouraging anyone to travel right now. But if you are travelling or you have to travel right now, here is a list of our recommendations for you.

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EU delayed flight compensation: 2 hour flight delay

What if it’s a 2 hour flight delay? What if your flight is only 2, not 3 or more hours late? Could you be entitled to EU flight delay compensation? Yes, you could be. There are situations when you could be entitled to compensation up to 600 euro per passenger, even when your flight delay is under 3 hours. Even though it’s a lesser known fact, situations like these happen a lot. Learn more!

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25 situations when you can get EU flight delay compensation

As a traveller in Europe you are protected. You’re protected against flight delays and cancellations. If your flight is ever delayed for 3+ hours, you may get flight compensation up to €600 per passenger. That includes also connecting flights. All that matters is that it must be due to fault of your airline. Here are 25 examples -- 25 situations, when you can get flight delay compensation.

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Airplane at the airport before boarding

Technical problems are airline’s fault (you can get a compensation)

Airlines love to use it as a general excuse. They call these problems extraordinary circumstances, something that they don’t have a control over. And they tell you that you can’t get a compensation in these situations. But it’s just not true. It’s exactly the opposite. It’s the airline’s fault if something has gone wrong with its airplane. They should have prevented it. And you might be entitled to flight compensation.

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How to avoid getting scammed at the airport in a foreign land?

You may already know that tourists are potential victims of countless scams. But what you may not have though about is that you may fall victim to scammers once you land — at the destination airport. The thing is, you have to be careful already at the airport. Sounds awful, right? The good thing is that you can easily avoid this. Here are some of the most popular airport scams. And also our tips on how to avoid them.

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5 educational apps for your next flight

Do you have a long flight ahead of you? And you are not looking forward to it? Simply because you don’t like watching countless movies and videos, and can’t fall asleep no matter what? And if mobiles games too aren’t your thing, then we may have a solution for you — cool educational apps for your phone. To kill that time while learning something new. Here are some of our favorites.

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6 things you probably don’t know about flight compensations

Let’s face it, legal documents can be very difficult to understand for most of people. Not surprisingly many still don’t know that they could be entitled to flight compensation whenever there is a flight delay or disruption due to the airline’s fault. And that's despite the fact that the EU Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004 has been around for more than 10 years. Here are some of the most important facts!

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5 games for your next flight

Stuck on a long flight with nothing to do? You can’t fall asleep, don’t want to watch movies or read? There is one more thing you can do to pass time during the flight — play games on your phone. It’s relaxing and addictive, and, more importantly, if the game is good the time flies really fast. But what are the best games for flights? Here is a list of some of our favorites. Check it out!

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Travel advice you should not be listening to

Here you are, trying to plan a vacation, and people around you give you various advice. You shouldn’t do this, but should do that. Do you need to listed to all of the advice? Or just some? How can you tell what advice is good, and what is not? To help you with the task of planning your next vacation, we have created this list of the worst travel tips — travel advice you should not be listening to.

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10 things you should never do at the airport

Travel prepared and you’ll enjoy your trip more. We have said it a lot, and here we are saying it again. Because that’s true. If you follow the rules and know your rights, everything gets easier. More often that not, airports have fast-paced environment and are massive. To have the best experience, there are some things you need to know and rules to abide. Here is a list of things you should never do at the airport.

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When things go wrong, you have the right to care

If your flight is delayed or cancelled. If you have been denied boarding due to overbooking. If you have to wait at the airport, in Europe you have the right to care. Mostly that means a free meal and a drink, or if it’s a long delay - free hotel accommodation. Because that’s the rules. And it doesn’t matter if it’s your airline’s fault or not. If you have to wait at the airport, the airline should take care of you.

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Flight cancellations due to extraordinary circumstances

Natural disasters. Political instability. Or a global pandemic, after all. When these things happen thousands, if not millions, of people are affected. Flights get delayed, re-routed and cancelled. There are a lot of uncertainties. Everyone’s worried. However, one thing is clear. If your European flight is cancelled because of that, the airline should handle this. And there are very specific rules regarding these mishaps.

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14 best airport tips

Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced traveller, it happens with everyone. There are these times when you find yourself stressed out at the airport. Am I at the right airport? Am I too late? These and many other thoughts have crossed your mind at least once. To help you make your journey less stressful we’ve created this list with some of our best airport tips for an easier and stress-free travelling. Save this list!

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People walking around at the airport

What to do at the airport?

What to do at the airport? What if you have gone through all the airport procedures, and there is still a lot of time left until your flight? It happens. All of that can be boring and super-tiring. Especially if you don’t know what to do all these long hours at the airport. Come prepared, and you may turn all this waiting into a pleasant experience. How? Read this article and follow our recommendations.

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Woman wearing a face mask

Flight disruptions due to coronavirus: What should you do?

Let's get it straight, you can’t get compensation. It’s something out of anyone's control, hence your airline can’t be held accountable for this. If your flight is cancelled because of coronavirus, you will not get EU flight compensation. The same stands true for many flight delays right now. But what should you do? What if your flight gets cancelled or delayed due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions?

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Person checking flight status online

How to check flight status online?

Flight delays and cancellations happen every day. And, unfortunately, we can’t do anything about it. But there is one thing you can do. You can find out in advance if the flight is going to be on time or not. And if it’s not gonna be on time — come prepared for the delay. Here you can learn more about what to do if your flight is delayed. But here we will show you how to check your flight status online. What is the best way?

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Common myths about EU flight compensation

The Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 has been around for more than 15 years. Yet still many don’t know about their passenger rights in Europe. They don’t know that, if your European flight is delayed or cancelled, often you’re entitled to flight compensation. That applies both to flights to and from Europe. As a result, there are a lot of myths people believe in. Let's talk about the most popular ones!

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Gadgets for travel

7 must-have gadgets for travel

Technologies are making travel easier and more enjoyable. You don’t have to carry heavy travel guides anymore, you can save them to your phone. Nowadays you can use your phone to book a hotel or to find a way you from the airport to your hotel, to photograph or to relax, while waiting for a flight, to read a book or watch a movie. Well, you can use your phone for almost everything. What other gadgets can help you when travelling?

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Wizzair aircraft - Flight is cancelled

Why do flights get cancelled? 7 top reasons

The number of air passengers in Europe is growing year by year. If we look at the data, it's more that clear that the existing airport capacity fails to match the growth already now. But that means that in the future we can expect even more flight disruptions. More flights are going to be delayed or cancelled. More passengers will have to experience that. Why do flights get cancelled? Can you get compensation in any of these cases?

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Person holding a mobile phone

6 best reading apps for travel

What to do on a plane? How to kill time on a boring bus ride if you don’t like watching movies and can’t fall asleep? Read! Thanks to internet and technologies you don’t have to pack heavy books anymore. You don’t even have to buy an expensive e-book reader. You can download reading material on your smartphone or tablet. If you have the right apps. Here is a list of 6 best reading apps for travel (our favourites).

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Airplane carry on luggage restrictions

Air travel is fast, safe and super-convenient. But there are some rules you must know when travelling by plane. You can’t take everything you want on the plane. There are several carry on luggage restrictions in place around the world. Hence it is very important to know what you are allowed to pack in a carry on, and which items are forbidden in hand luggage. Here we’ll focus on what you cannot take on a plane.

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10 most popular travel mistakes

We all make mistakes. Whether it’s your first trip abroad or you are an experienced traveller with many trips under your belt, we all make mistakes. Often these are really stupid ones, which could have been easily avoided with just a slightly better travel planning. But of course there are also travel mistakes, that can get you in serious trouble. Let’s talk about the most common travel mistakes.

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Tips for flying with budget airlines in Europe

Generally speaking there are two types of the airlines — full service airlines and budget airlines. The main differences between the two of them are the price and the services they offer to passengers. Low cost airlines offer relatively low fares in exchange for eliminating many services that traditional airlines offer. Does it automatically mean worse travel experience? Not if you come prepared.

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Connecting flights with low cost airlines

Generally speaking there are two types of connecting flights. The best and most convenient are, of course, airline protected connecting flights. Especially the ones provided by full service airlines, like KLM or Air France. And then there are self transfer connections. That’s two or more flights that you book separately. What if you fly with low cost airlines? Does this mean you're less protected?

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Airplane flying in the sky

Full service and low cost airlines: What are the main differences?

If you have ever traveled by plane, chances are you have heard any of these terms - full service airline, traditional airline, low cost carrier, budget airline. All of these terms basically describe two types of commercial airlines. And these two types are - full service airlines, also known as traditional airlines, and low cost airlines. What are the main differences between the two? What's the best option for you?

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YotelAir Singapore

5 reasons to stay at YotelAir airport hotels

Yotel is a hotel chain from UK, best known for its modern hotels and futuristic design hotel rooms. Currently the company operates under 3 names: Yotel, YotelAir and YotelPad. While Yotel is more like a regular hotel, YotelAir is a next generation airport hotel. And also your opportunity to make that next long layover as enjoyable as possible. Learn more about YotelAir airport hotels!

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Airplane seats - Basic Economy

Tips for flying in Basic Economy

Basic economy is the cheapest airline seating option. Not every airline offers basic economy tickets. But if it does, then the service really is basic. Basic economy tickets are cheaper than regular economy tickets and they come with more restrictions compared to standard economy fares. It might sound like a seating class from hell but it’s not that bad, really. That's if you come prepared.

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A person at the airport

Travel glossary: Travel phrases, travel-related words and acronyms

Travel planning can be fun. But it can also be an overwhelming experience. Especially if it’s one of your first trips abroad, and you aren’t an experienced traveller yet. What do all those terms and travel phrases mean? How to get everything right, and not ruin your holiday? How not to make silly mistakes? Check out our guide to most common travel terms and industry jargon.

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Travel essentials

Packing tips for first time travellers: 10 things you shouldn't forget to pack

Going on a trip abroad for the first time? And now you're afraid that you will forget something important behind? Don’t worry. Just create a packing list, follow it and you’ll be good. If there is one thing I’ve learned about packing from all my travels, then that’s this - packing lists makes things so much easier. What not to forget to add to the packing list? What are some of the most important things in your luggage?

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Bankruptcy sign

What to do when your airline goes bankrupt?

Airline bankruptcies. It’s not something you think about too much, isn’t it? Airlines don’t go bust every week or even month. But it does happen from time to time. And as recent events with Thomas Cook reminded us once again, it can happen also very sudden. That’s why it’s a good thing to know your rights, and to know what to do when that happens to you. What to do when your airline goes bankrupt?

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Flight is delayed sign

You have received an e-mail saying that your flight is delayed. What’s next?

Flight delays happen every day. While most of them are short, in some situations you may have to wait for hours. Some delays are caused by bad weather and other unforeseeable circumstances, others - by technical problems. Regardless of the causes, there's nothing as frustrating as heading to the airport, only to find out that your flight has been delayed. What if you are still at home, when you learn about it?

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Flight information screen at the airport

Your flight is cancelled more than 2 weeks before the trip. What’s next?

Flights get cancelled every day. It happens due to many reasons, everything from technical problems with the aircraft to bad weather and political unrest. Regardless of the reasons, it is irritating to find out that your flight has been cancelled. Your plans are ruined now. And in some situations you may even miss another flight because of that. What if you’ve been notified of the cancellation more than 2 weeks before the trip?

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Beach - Flying with a baby

Flying with a baby: Rules & tips

Flying with a baby soon? Aren’t sure whether it’s a good idea or no? Don’t worry. Thousands of people are doing the same every day. Travel prepared and you’ll be fine. Yes, there are some rules you need to know before booking that flight. Yes, it does require more planning. But at the same time it’s something people are doing every day. You’re not alone. In this article we are going to focus on rules when flying with an infant.

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In Tenerife, one of the best family holiday destinations

Best family holiday destinations 

Travelling with your family requires more planning than travelling solo or as a couple. First of all, you can’t go anywhere. You have to take into account not only what you are interested in the most, but also what’s the best for your kids. What all the best family holiday destinations have in common? They are kid friendly, safe and have good infrastructure. Here are our favourites.

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Airport strike - Men in uniforms

Airport staff strikes, airline staff strikes, pilot strikes: Can you get compensated?

Ryanair pilot strikes in a few days. British Airways strike next week. Heathrow airport staff strike next month. If you follow the travel news, sometimes it feels like there is a huge airport strike happening every week. And sometimes it is true. If you are travelling once in a while, chances are you have experienced that yourself. What are your rights in these situations?

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Woman holding a bank card - Best travel debit card in Europe featured photo

Best travel debit card in Europe

Gone are the days when you would pay hefty fees only to withdraw cash from an ATM abroad or from ATM’s of other banks. Well, at least here in Europe and for those using debit cards we are going to talk about in this article. Which one is the best travel debit card, you’ll ask. Here in this article we compare 3 of the best.

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Adults with approval signs

I’m not a European. Can I claim European flight delay compensation?

The short answer is - yes, you can! Because the rules in Europe are the same for everyone, whether you are a EU citizen or you are just a tourist travelling to Europe. If your European flight gets heavily delayed, and you arrive to your destination at least 3 hours later than planned, often you’ll be entitled to European flight delay compensation. No matter your citizenship.

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Writing down a travel document checklist

International travel document checklist & tips

Working on your travel document checklist? Put a passport in the top position. Your passport and your wallet are two of the most important things in your luggage. If you lose all your possessions during the trip yet you still have your passport, a credit card and travel insurance, you’ll be more than fine. You must have heard it before. It’s true. But that's not all.

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Flight is delayed - Can you get compensation for delayed flights

Can you get compensation for delayed flights (and flight cancellations)?

Can you get compensation for delayed flights? In many situations you can. What you should know is that the rules differ from country to country, from one airline to another. Your chances are higher if you are travelling in Europe or with a European airline. All thanks to the EU regulations, which, by the way, apply to most of us (not only Europeans).

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People sitting at the airport

What to do on a plane: Tips for travellers

Long haul flights can be tiring. Especially if you come unprepared. Have you got a long flight ahead of you? It’s an 8+ hour flight and now you are wondering how to spend this time? How to kill time on a plane? What to do on a plane for this long? Here we’re sharing some of our best tips for first time flyers and globetrotters alike.

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Airplane at the airport

How to claim flight compensation on your own?

Flight delays and flight cancellations happen every day. So, even if you aren’t a frequent traveller, sooner or later you are going to experience it yourself. However, the good news is that if you’re flying to or from Europe, mostly you are under the EU's protection. And often in case of a flight disruption you’ll be eligible to receive flight compensation. How to claim flight compensation?

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Charter airlines

Charter Airlines: What are your rights?

If you book your flights yourself, mostly these will be regular, scheduled flights operated by regular airlines. However, if you book a package holiday, where both flights and accommodation are included, these usually are, so called, charter flights, mostly operated by charter airlines. What does it mean for you? Will you be protected if something goes wrong?

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Airplane seats

How to sleep on a plane: Tips for travellers

How to sleep on a plane? It’s one of the question you hear being asked by travellers a lot. Both by first-timers and those who have some experience under their belt. Why? Because it matters. One of the best ways to make your flight more enjoyable is to have some sleep on the plane. You’ll arrive at your destination well rested and ready to explore. But how to get much needed rest on a plane?

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Singapore Changi airport - One of the world's best airports

Best airport in the world 2019

When it comes to comfort, not all airports are equal. While there are huge international hubs with plenty of seating and even awesome attractions, there are also tiny airports with not enough space let alone seating. Which is the best airport in the world? To find an answer to this question let’s look at the list of top 10 airports in the world, as voted by travellers.

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British Airways planes

Gatwick flights suspended: Can you get compensated?

Yesterday evening was a stressful one for a handful of travellers in London. City's second busiest airport - Gatwick Airport - was shut down for around two hours, leading to cancellation of at least 28 flights, about the same as many flights were diverted to other airports. What are your rights in these situations? Can you get compensated?

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Two adults - Long haul flight essentials

Long haul flight essentials & tips

Going on a trip is an exciting experience. You count down the days. You can’t wait. But when the day comes closer and closer, you realise that not everything about the event is fun. You have to prepare for the trip, and it can be pain in the neck. To help you prepare for the trip best way possible here we are sharing some of our best long haul fligh tips.

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Airplane is flying over city

World’s Top 10 Airlines of 2019

Just like with anything else in the world, the service airlines provide can be of exceptional quality, superior to others in their field. We all want to get the best service and have the best experience when travelling. So we are searching not only for the best deals, but also pay attention to the airline providing the services. But what are the best airlines right now?

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Wifi symbol - Using internet while travelling in Europe

Using internet while travelling in Europe

Nowadays internet is not a luxury anymore but a necessity. You can do so many things with the help of internet - collect information, pay bills, watch funny or not so funny videos, book flights and accommodation abroad, just to name a few. So, of course, you want to use internet while travelling as well. How to stay connected while travelling? What are the options? Read on to find out more about how you can use internet while travelling in Europe.

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600 euro - How to claim flight compensation

How to claim flight compensation?

If you’re flying in Europe, from Europe or with a European airline, mostly you are under the EU's protection, all thanks to Europe's Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004 (EC 261), which was created to protect air passenger rights. What it means is that in case of a flight discruption it’s airlines duty to either take care of you or pay flight compensation, in many cases they are obliged to do both. And here we are going to talk about how to claim flight compensation.

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Airport lounge access

5 ways to get airport lounge access

Airports isn’t the place you want to spend as much time as possible. Quite the opposite. You want to be there as little as possible. And I think that most of us, who are flying more than a few times a year, will agree on this. But there should be something to make the whole airport experience better, right? There is something. And that something is called airport lounges and airline lounges.

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Air France airplane

French pilots strike has been cancelled

If you have an upcoming flight with Air France, then most probably you had already heard about yet another big strike that was about to happen in a few days time. Because next week French pilots were about to go on a 5-day strike, starting from Tuesday, May 14th to May 19th. Right now the French pilot strike has been cancelled, and you can relax for now as your travel plans most probably aren’t going to be affected anymore.

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Woman wearing a white dress on the beach

6 great beach destinations in Europe and near Europe - 2019

Can’t wait for summer? We have good news! There are plenty of great beach destinations in Europe and near Europe where it's warm even in spring. And maybe, just maybe, you don’t have to wait for anything and book that beach holiday right now? Anyway, here are our 6 favourite beach destinations in and close to Europe, offering some of the best beach holidays in Europe.

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Suitcases on trolleys - Luggage tips

Luggage tips & What to do if your luggage gets lost

Quality of your luggage matters. A high quality suitcase or backpack not only looks better and lasts longer, which for many will be the deal breaker. Quality luggage also tends to be better for organising your stuff and it feels comfier when you’re actually travelling with it and moving around from one place to another. One more thing that matters is how and if you take care of your luggage while travelling. To help you with this here we are sharing some of our best luggage tips.

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Airport sleeping pods in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport

Airport sleeping pods: An alternative to hotels

Flying is tiring, especially if it’s a long-haul flight we are talking about. When you are spending so much time for travel it’s very important to get some rest wherever you can. The best option would be to get a proper sleep at a hotel but not always it’s possible because of the finances or time. If you’re short on time sleeping in airport may be the only option for you. How to make the experience as good as possible? Use airport sleeping pods.

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A drunk toy

8 bizarre reasons why flights have been delayed

Flight delays happen every day. The reasons behind it are different: technical problems, bad weather, airline staff strikes. Usually it’s serious stuff that will make you frown and or even get you stressed. But sometimes flights get delayed because of bizarre incidents, like, critters on the plane, drunk crew members, or even a lack of toilet paper. And it’s not a joke.

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Banana sandwich - What to eat at airport

What to eat at the airport? Healthy eating tips

Airport food is expensive. But what’s actually even worse is that the food most of travellers eat at the airport is unhealthy. It’s mostly sugary or salty snacks, not proper food. So, what are the options? What to eat at the airport? Bring some food from home or supermarket to both save money and to keep a more healthy diet! Not sure what to bring? Then continue reading and you’ll learn a few new things today.

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Calculator - Flight compensation - How much can you claim

Flight compensation: How much can you claim?

Flight delays, cancellations and overbookings do happen. However, there is one thing to remember - if that happens while you are travelling to, from or within the EU, mostly you are under the EU protection. If your flight ever gets heavily delayed (3+ hours), cancelled less than 14 days before the scheduled time of departure or you’ve been denied boarding, you might be entitled not only to care from the airline, but also to flight compensation. How much can you claim?

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A woman looking into a distance - Easy ways to save money on travel

10 smart and easy ways to save money on travel

There's a common myth that travelling is expensive, and you need to have a lot of money to be able to afford it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Because, you see, there are hundreds of ways how you can travel nowadays. Follow these 10 simple steps and you'll be able to save money on travel and go on longer holidays!

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A man using a smartphone for stress-free travel

15 best apps for stress-free travel

Travelling can be both exciting and stressful. For some travel planning is exciting whereas embarking on a trip itself might be stressful. For others it's quite the opposite. How to deal with that? How to deal with travel anxiety? One of the first steps you can make in order to make travelling as stress-free as possible is to leave for the airport prepared. Here are the 15 best apps for stress-free travel that every traveller should have. Download these before leaving for the airport!

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Man sleeping in airports

How to be better at sleeping in airports?

Situations differ. Some travellers are sleeping in airports regularly to save on accommodation. Others may get stuck because of flight delays and cancellations. Then there are also times when it just makes no sense to book a hotel, and you’ll decide to stay in the airport instead. The one thing all of these travellers have in common is the question - ok, but how to make the experience of sleeping in the airport better?

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Enjoying cherry blossom in Europe

Where to enjoy cherry blossom in Europe? 5 destinations

Have you ever seen beautiful photos of cherry blossom trees in Japan (I bet you have) and wondered how amazing it would be to visit this beautiful country during the spring? Guess what! You don’t have to go that far to see cherry blossoms! There are plenty of other places where you can experience that. Here are 5 of the best places where to see cherry blossom in Europe.

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Two people on the pier - Traveller checklist for holiday

Traveller's checklist for holiday and business travel

Planning a trip for many travellers is a deeply satisfying and exciting task. However, the actual trip, especially the very start of it might be stressful and usually it starts to cause concern already days before. To help you start your trip the best way possible we've created this traveller's checklist for holiday and business travel. If your trip starts very soon, then this international travel checklist is what you need right now.

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Map - Pre travel checklist

The ultimate pre-travel checklist

Same like all big tasks planning a trip can seem like a daunting challenge. Especially if you are an inexperienced traveller or it’s going to be your first ever trip abroad. This is where pre travel checklist comes into play. Having a checklist, having a plan, always makes things much more easier. Splitting up large tasks into smaller pieces makes them look less daunting.

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Woman using laptop - Best Travel Blogs 2019

9 travel blogs to follow in 2019

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and, well, social media in general. This is where more and more people go, when searching for new travel ideas, tips and inspiration. But where do you look for travel inspiration? If you are among those who like to read instead of watching videos or scrolling through shots of picture-perfect beaches and awe-inspiring landscapes, then here are some recommendations for you.

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Luggage on a trolley in train station

12 smart travel packing tips and tricks

Hate to pack? You aren’t the only one! Are you thinking for days what to take with you on your holiday but still can’t really decide? And then you end up with a bulky bag, yet still half of the stuff you wanted to take with you is lying on your bed? OK, and what to do now? To lighten the burden you might be having we’ve decided to share some of our best tips.

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Aircraft flying over skyscrapers

Situations when you can't get flight compensation

Flight delays. Flight cancellations. You’ve been denied boarding. Often, when something like this happens, you can get compensation of some sort. When you are traveling to or from Europe or with a European airline and things like this happen due to the airline’s fault you can sometimes get both a new flight to your destination and up to €600 in cash per passenger. But there are also situations when you can’t get flight compensation.

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Sparklers held in hands, during the Christmas time

8 tips for travelling during the holiday season

Can you believe it? Winter has almost arrived in most of Europe, and soon another year will have passed. With the holidays just around the corner we decided, why not share some of our best holiday travel tips with all of you. Tips that those of you travelling during the holiday season may find useful, whether you’ll be going on a vacation overseas or you’ll be visiting your friends and family not that far away.

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Traveling with a car - Best holiday destinations

Best holiday destinations 2019: One destination for every month

Where to travel next year? Which country to visit? With so many interesting places around the world finding the next holiday destination may be not the easiest task. To help you with this we’ve created this list of interesting places to visit - one destination for every month. Are you ready to dive in?

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Airplanes at the airport - Denied boarding guide

What to do if you have been denied boarding?

You have arrived to the airport in time. Everything is in order with your travel documents (your passport, visas and boarding passes). And yet you are still denied boarding? That’s happening more often than you probably think it is. And the reason mostly is overbooking. To put it simply, airline has sold more tickets than there are seats. What's next?

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Travel checklist

Travel essentials: 15 Carry on essentials

Packing can take a lot of time. Some people like to do it well in advance, others - pack at the very last moment. One of the safest ways to make packing less tiring is to create a packing list. Not only it will make the whole process easier, but this way you’ll make it sure that nothing important is left behind. Check out our hand luggage packing list to see what we think are the most important travel essentials.

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Cable car on the mountain in a mountain resort

5 ski holiday destinations - Where to go skiing this winter

Looking for the best place where to go skiing this winter? If skiing and snowboarding is your thing, or if you are thinking of giving it a try this winter, now is the last moment to start planning this year’s ski holidays. With some many options out there, in Europe and in the world, it’s easy to get lost. Not to make things even harder for you we have compiled a short list with 5 interesting ski destinations you may want to reconsider.

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Beanie - Packing essentials for winter

10 packing essentials for winter in Northern Europe

It’s time to start packing bags. Like it or not but it’s also a part of travelling. Need a tip? Create a packing list to save time and never again forget something important at home. Or search for one on Google, if you need help in the process. If you are planning to visit Northern Europe this winter, check out also our list of packing essentials for winter.

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People watching fireworks

5 best places for New Year's Eve in Europe - 2018

Are you still thinking where to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year? What about making this year different from the others by celebrating arrival of 2019 somewhere else, not at your usual place back at home? Sounds like a plan, huh? To help you with the task of finding that place, where to head to, we have created a list of 5 best places for New Year's Eve in Europe

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Man and woman at the airport - What to do if your flight is cancelled

What to do if your flight is cancelled? 5 steps

Flight disruptions happen every day. Flights get delayed or cancelled due to number of reasons, including aircraft technical problems, extreme weather conditions and employee strikes. But, honestly, there is nothing much you can do about it. And even if you aren’t flying that often you may have to experience it yourself one day. What to do if your flight is cancelled? Can you get a compensation of any sort?

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Cold coconuts being sold

Where is hot and sunny in November

Are you freezing at home and missing summer already? Well, us too… But it’s not gonna be here for at least another half a year! Yeah, I know I’ve spoiled your mood now but it is how nature works! Want to experience summer before it arrives in June? Travel somewhere where it’s hot! Where is hot and sunny in November?

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Man sitting on the floor at the airport - Extraordinary circumstances - Flight delay

Flight delay due to extraordinary circumstances. What does it mean?

So, your flight has been cancelled or delayed due to extraordinary circumstances. What does that mean and what should you do next? When used correctly this usually means that the reason of the delay or cancellation has been something out of the airline's control, like the weather has gone really bad and it isn’t safe to fly anymore, or, for example, something has paralyzed operations of the airport you are flying from.

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Girl walking on the road surrounded by palm trees

Where to find the best deals on flights and holidays?

When it comes to travel planning, finding the best deals on flights is where it usually starts for most. If you prefer to book a holiday package over doing everything on your own, then things are a bit different. But still you have to find that deal that fits your needs and budget the best. How to find the best deals on flights and holidays?

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People in concert - Amsterdam Dance Event

Going to Amsterdam Dance Event? Here are 6 things you should know

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is one of electronic music's best known and important events not only in Europe, but in the whole world. It’s both electronic music conference and festival started in 1995. This year Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will take place from the 17th to the 21st of October 2018.

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Woman at the airport - What to do if your flight is delayed

What to do if your flight is delayed? 5 steps

Flight delays suck. But, honestly, there is nothing much you can do about it. Because these things happen every day. Sometimes because of technical problems, other times because of airport strikes. So even if you aren’t a frequent traveller, sooner or later you are going to experience it yourself.

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Two men sitting at the airport

9 tips to get through airport security faster

Travelling can be tiring. Especially the part that involves actual getting from one place to another. If it’s your first time flying you may still think that travelling by plane solves all the problems, because planes nowadays are so fast. But it doesn’t. Because of all the airport procedures, including airport security screening. As a result of which often you spend more time at the airports than flying. What you can do about it?

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Autumn fall leaf - Best places to visit in October, November

9 Fall travel ideas: Best places to visit in October, November

It's August already. And with autumn just around the corner one have to start planning fall travels now - there's no time to lose. To make the planning process a little bit easier for you we have prepared a list of some of the best places to visit in October - November (in the world).

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