7 must-have gadgets for travel

Technologies are making travel easier and more enjoyable.

You don’t have to carry heavy travel guides anymore, you can save them to your phone. Nowadays you can use your phone to book a hotel or to find a way you from the airport to your hotel, to capture all the best moments or to relax while waiting for a flight, to learn something new, to read a book or watch a movie. Well, you can use your phone for almost everything.

But what other gadgets can help you when travelling? What are the must-have gadgets for travel you shouldn’t leave your home without?

Here is a list of cool gadgets many experienced travellers recommend.

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Must-have gadgets for travel

They make travelling easier and more comfortable.

The more often you travel, the more you’ll enjoy having those.

1. Powerbank or solar charger

Solar power bank

A powerbank is a portable charger designed to charge gadgets on the go.

A powerbank needs to be charged first. Then, when it’s charged, one can use it to charge your smartphone, tablet or even a laptop. What and how many devices a powerbank can charge depends on its capacity – check its mAh figure before buying!

If it’s around 10 000 mAh, you’ll be able to charge your phone 2-3 times.

Bring a power bank with you so your phone or tablet never runs out of juice.

We suggest you to invest in a large capacity power bank that not only can charge your phone but also the rest of your gadgets, in some cases even your laptop.

Portable solar charger is another great option.

If you like spending time outdoors, you’ll find it especially useful.

It works just like powerbank. First, it has to be charged. Then — it can be used to charge your devices. The only difference that it can also be charged using solar power (as well as charged from the plug).

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2. Universal travel plug adapter

Universal travel adapter

Electricity sockets around the world differ.

Before going on a trip, find out what kind of electricity sockets there are at your destination. If they’re different from the ones at your home country, get yourself a travel adapter. The best travel adapters are the universal ones.

There are 4 most popular types of sockets around the world. For the simplicity we'll call them - US, UK, EU, AU.

Universal travel adapters usually have all 4 of these, thus can be used around the world.

There are adapters both with USB ports and outlets. Better choose the one featuring both, so you can charge both your phone and, let’s say, laptop.

3. E-book reader

ebook reader

Do you enjoy reading books while on the road?

Get yourself an e-book reader.

Reading while travelling is great.

You can pass time during a boring flight, or get inspiration for your trip. If you don't sleep on a plane and don't like to watch movies, it should be on your carry on essentials list.

Unfortunately, but books are heavy. And when you finish one, you have to get another. It doesn’t make your bag any lighter. You can read on the phone, but it’s not a good option in the long-term. Your eyes get tired of reading on the phone.

That's why an e-book reader is a great option for those who love reading while travelling. They are small, light and can “carry” all the books you want to read. An e-book reader is a device which is somewhat similar to a tablet, but features anti-glare electronic paper rather than an LCD screen.

Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Nook and Pocket Book are among the best known e-book brands.

4. Noise cancelling headphones


It gets very noisy on the plane.

It gets noisy on trains and buses.

The noise cancelling headphones are there to help you.

Noise cancelling headphones does just that. They allow you not to hear what’s happening around you. They cancel all the other sounds. So you can enjoy your music without interruptions. You don’t even have to listen to music very loud in order to get the effect. In fact, you can not listen to anything at all.

You can simply enjoy the silence (or just quieter environmet).

Or you can also sleep on the plane.

Quality headphones will allow you to do so.

5. Compact Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker

To enjoy your favourite music in your hotel room or while hiking.

Music lovers will appreciate having a compact bluetooth speaker.

But don’t be an idiot!

Do not listen music on a speaker on the plane or other transport, or in other public places, where it may disturb others. Let’s respect each other.

6. Mini tripod

Mini camera tripod

If you enjoy taking photos, then a tripod is a must.

Mini tripod will help you take sharp photos in low light conditions.

And, finally, you’ll be able to take a good group photo. Or a photo of yourself that isn’t a selfie, if you are travelling solo.

Mini tripods are compact and durable.

They don’t cost much either.

7. Electronics organizer

Electronics organizer

Keep your electronics separated from the rest of your stuff.

And you’ll be able to locate them in your luggage quicker.

You can use any large pouch to pack your electronics and cables, but we recommend to buy a special electronics organiser. It will help you to organise everything even better.

Have a great trip!