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Refundor is an UK/EU flight compensation company.

Serving travellers from around the world since 2018.

To put it short, we help people get compensation from airlines. Whenever a flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked and falls under the Regulation EU261 / Regulation UK261, a passenger may be entitled to up to €600. These rules apply both to European and non-European airlines, and to all passengers.

As a growing company, we are constantly on the lookout for new business partnerships. So, if you have a law firm and are as passionate about air passenger's rights as we are, we would like to hear from you.

Because together we can achieve more.

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Partner with us, and let's help even more air passengers - in Europe and around the world

There's a challenge our industry faces.

Even though, there are hundreds, sometimes thousands, of flights every single day that qualify for UK/EU flight compensation, a big part of it goes unclaimed. Tens of thousands of people could be entitled to flight compensation EVERY SINGLE DAY, yet most don't do anything about it. That's millions of euros of unclaimed compensations. Every single day.

The reason? Working with airlines takes time and money.

In many situations, airlines are reluctant to pay, unless you start a court action against them. This is where you come into the picture -- we need your help and expertise to take more airlines to court.

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At the moment, our main target markets are: UK, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany. If you run a law firm in one of these countries, we are particularly interested to get in touch with you.

Partner with us, and let's help even more air passengers in Europe and around the world! I'm interested

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Our experience in courts

Our current success rate in courts stands at 100%.

In half of situations the cases were settled even before the court (with pre-court settlement). In all of situations that has meant getting both the flight compensation and all related court expenses from the airline. There's a huge opportunity in that. To scale our operations and become one of the leading flight compensation companies in Europe, we're looking for partners - air passenger rights claims experts / law firms.

We work both with European and non-European airlines.

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