About Refundor

The core of Refundor team is made of passionate travellers and world explorers. Each member of our team has caught up with unplanned inconveniences while travelling. We know the frustrating feeling when your flight is cancelled after a long time of planning or have been delayed for hours, which affects your connected flight. Stress, a ruined vacation and additional expenses...

Considering that the vast majority of people are not protected against these cases, we came up with the idea to build a company consulting clients about travelling and adventures starting with a focus on air-passenger rights.

The founders of our company have more than 15 years experience in legal, IT and customer care industries. Combining our experience and expertise we made Refundor.

We started small - helping our friends and family to claim compensations for delayed or cancelled flights, and have since grown into a well-known and respected company, helping clients from all around the world.

Questions? Suggestions? Reach us at hello@refundor.com.