Airport sleeping pods: An alternative to hotels

Flying can be very, very tiring.

It's especially tiring if you have several flights. When you are spending so much time for travel it’s very important to get some rest wherever you can. The best option would be to get a proper sleep at a hotel but not always it’s an option, both because of the finances or time.

If you’re short on time sleeping in airport may be the only option for you.

How to make the experience as good as possible?

Use airport sleeping pods.

Yes, you can also use the DayUse, an app where you can book hotel rooms for only a few hours during the day. But even better and cheaper option often is sleep pods or pod hotels, that you can find at the airport.

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Why would you want to sleep at the airport?

Sometimes you can save money this way.

And sometimes you simply don't have any other option.

Maybe you booked two or more flights with a low cost airline like easyJet, now have a long layower somewhere, and don't want to leave the airport.

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Airport sleeping pods: Basics

Wanna learn more about sleeping in airports and how to make it better?

Check out our guide to sleeping in airports.

What’s that? What's a sleeping pod?

A sleep pod is a one or sometimes two-person capsule for sleeping and rest. If often has power sockets, a reading light and other features. Sleep pods in airports are similar to those of capsule hotels - a type of hotel developed in Japan. Now these Japanese-style sleep pods can be found all around the world, and now also they are also coming to the airports!

There are different types of airport sleeping pods - starting from nap seats with a cover to a tiny private cabins that provide you with personal and relaxing space.

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Airport sleeping pods in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport

Airport sleeping pods in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport - Moscow, Russia

The simplest sleep pods feature a reading light, internet access, power connectors and luggage compartment. Larger ones, the ones that resemble a tiny hotel room, often feature a work space.

Some of them even have a private bathroom and a TV!

Thanks to these amazing sleep pods now some airports can offer private environment to passengers - for relaxing and peaceful sleep. Sleep pods are perfect option for passengers who have connecting flights with long layovers, and also for those facing flight delays and last-minute flight cancellations.

Sleep pods: Companies

There are several companies that install their sleep pods and private cabins in airports.

Here are few of the most popular sleeping pod companies:

  • GoSleep. Innovative reclining seats with a cover designed to offer privacy in a busy airport. The GoSleep pods feature a reading light, internet access, power connectors and luggage compartment. The seat can be reclined to a fully flat-bed position.
  • YotelAir. A capsule hotel offering private cabins with a single or double bed, a work space and even a private bathroom! The private cabins have free WiFi and a flat screen TV. Yotel offers standard and premium cabins. Premium cabins are larger and feature an adjustable smartbed. Learn more about YotelAir airport hotels.
  • Napcab. Private cabins manufactured in Germany. The cabins are soundproof, and have a bed and a work space. The cabins also feature multi-media touch screen (with flight information), power connectors, anti jet lag lighting and internet access.
  • SleepBox. Single or double sleepboxes with a bed (or two beds if it’s a double) and a desk space. SleepBox cabins also feature power plugs, WiFi and reading lamps. The cabins are soundproof and have tinted window shades for your privacy.

Sleep pods and cabins can be booked online via the official website or booking.com, or on the spot. However, we would recommend you to book one in advance, just like with a regular hotel.

Sleep pods in Europe

I'm sure these aren't the only ones.

But this is what we know, have tried or could find about sleeping pods in European airports. If you know about some airports with sleeping pods in Europe, that aren't mentioned - please, send us a message.

  1. GoSleep - located in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, between the departure gate 28 and 29 in the Schengen area of Terminal 2.
  2. GoSleep - located in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, in Terminal E, between the gates 36 & 37.
  3. YotelAir - located in London Heathrow Airport, in the Terminal 4 public landside area, on the mezzanine level.
  4. YotelAir - located in London Gatwick Airport, in the public landside area of the South Terminal, next to international arrivals.
  5. YotelAir - located in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, in Lounge 2 (after the security control).
  6. YotelAir - located in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, in transit area of Terminal 2E.
  7. YotelAir - Istanbul Airport, launching early 2019.
  8. NapCabs - located in Munich Airport, in Terminal 2: Level 05, Gate H32; Level 04, Gate G06; Level 05, Gate L04; Level 03.
  9. NapCabs - located in Berlin-Tegel Airport, in Terminal B, at Tegel Sky Conference, Level 03.
  10. ZZZleepandGo BGY - located in Bergamo Airport, between the Arrivals and Departures halls.

Sleep pods can also be found in some of the airports in Asia and the USA. For example, in New Delhi Airport Terminal 3 (SAMS Snooze At My Space), in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 (The Haven By JetQuay), and in Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal D (Minute Suites).

Please note - in some cases conditions apply, like, to rent a sleep pod your flight must depart in 24 hours, or you can only stay at the particular sleep pod hotel if you have a boarding pass for a flight departing from the terminal pod hotel is located in. For instance, the sleep pod hotel is located in Terminal 2E, and your flight must depart from there. Just read terms and conditions before making a booking!

Sleep pods: Prices

How much does it cost to use a sleeping capsule?

When it comes to accommodation of any sort it's one of the most important questions for many. Sleep pods’ and capsules’ prices differ depending on how many hours you spend in it and what type of sleep pod is it - is it the simplest of one of the large elaborate ones. In some cases the price also depends on what time of the day you rent the pod.

Sleep pods and capsules are available to rent by the hour or by the night.

Here are two sleep pod price examples:

  • NapCabs sleep pod charges are: 15 EUR per hour at 6 am to 10 pm, and 10 EUR per hour at 10 pm to 6 am.
  • Sleep capsules at YotelAir capsule hotel are more expensive than the NapCabs pods and SnoozeCube capsules.

There is minimum and maximum duration for sleep pods.

For instance, maximum for Napcab it’s 12 hours. And minimum - 2 hours.

Some of the sleeping pods can be booked online, for example from booking sites, such as booking.com. If you can’t find sleep pods on booking.com, book directly from the sleep pod company. See above for information on webpages.

Have a great trip!

And remember, whenever your flight is delayed, cancelled or you've been denied boarding - you might be entitled to flight compensation. Contact us to get it sorted out right away!