Luggage tips & What to do if your luggage gets lost

Quality of your luggage matters.

A high quality suitcase or backpack not only looks better and lasts longer, which for many will be the deal breaker. Quality luggage also tends to be better for organising your stuff and it feels comfier when you’re actually travelling with it and moving around from one place to another. The same as important is how and if you take care of your luggage while travelling.

To help you with this here we are sharing some of our best luggage tips.

Plus we have also included information on what to do if your luggage gets lost, stolen or damaged during a trip.

Scroll down to learn more about it!

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Taking care of you luggage while travelling: Luggage tips

Taking care of your luggage. How not to lose luggage?

How to minimise the risk of luggage damage?

And a few more lugage tips:

1. Get yourself a combination luggage lock

That’s if your luggage doesn’t feature one already.

A key lock is also fine, but unfortunately keys tend to get lost.

Luggage locks are generally inexpensive.

Invest in a quality luggage lock that won’t break after a single use.

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2. For additional security, use luggage straps with a combination lock

3. Lock down your luggage when travelling by train or bus

Carry your valuables and documents in a small bag (handbag or fanny pack).

And keep this bag with you. Always.

Don’t put anything of value in your main luggage when you are travelling on an intercity bus unless you keep it right beside you. Usually though luggage is stored in a separate luggage compartment.

4. Store your luggage in a locker when staying in a hostel

5. Secure your luggage with a plastic wrap

Or, even better - get a reusable luggage cover for your luggage!

It’s more durable and eco friendly! Why wrap your luggage or buy a luggage cover? Well, it's an extra layer of protection -it prevent scrapes and unsightly scratches.

6. Use a luggage tag

It will help to distinguish your bag from other similar bags.

And you won’t end up with someone else’s bag.

7. Use a GPS/GSM based luggage tracker to track your luggage if it gets lost or stolen

That's if you want to try and make it even more safe.

8. Use luggage storages wisely

If you have a long layover at the airport and want to head into the city, store your luggage in a luggage storage at the airport. It’s way easier to explore the city without the heavy luggage. Also it won’t be that obvious that you are a tourist. This means - you are less prone to getting robbed.

However, carry your documents and money with you. Don’t leave it in the luggage storage box.

9. Think of getting yourself an anti-theft bag

Carry your laptop and other electronics as well as valuables in an anti-theft bag.

Is your baggage delayed?

Are you standing at the luggage carousel, but don’t see your bag?

Everyone’s already got their luggage, but not you?

What should you do next?

First things first, don’t leave the baggage hall.

And head for the luggage counter to report the loss.

You’ll be asked to show your passport, baggage tag and boarding pass. Baggage tag is that small sticker that they usually put on your boarding pass after you’ve checked in your luggage. All the extra information you can provide like a photo of your suitcase may make the process of finding your bag easier and faster. But don’t be put off if all you have is your passport and boarding pass, and register the loss anyway.

Then they will give you a written confirmation (don’t loose it) and will tell you what to do next.

Mostly you’ll have to wait for some 12 - 24 hours until someone will get back to you.

Next step would be contacting your travel insurance company.

Generally speaking, if it’s not your fault that the luggage got lost or delayed, mostly you will be able to get money back for purchases that could be described as necessities in your particular situation. When in doubt ask your insurer first before buying anything. One thing to remember, though, always (!) keep all the receipes, if you are buying anything.

Without receipes you aren’t going to get anything.

Be prepared - Your bag may get lost or arrive later than you

Bags don’t get lost too often. But it happens.

So, just pack a change of clothes and some underwear in your carry on. Just in case. If you are travelling to a tropical destination, pack shorts and t-shirt, or a summer dress. Don’t forget about the swimwear! And also other carry on essentials.

Also, carry your medications and valuables in your carry on.

So you can have access to them even if your checked luggage gets lost.

What to do if your luggage gets scratched or damaged?

It can happen, too. And your new and stylish suitcase may arrive to destionation in condition you may not even recognise it.

What should you do if that happens to you?

First of all, same like with lost luggage before leaving the airport you should file a report.

Next step would be contacting your travel insurance company, to ask them what to do next. Alternatively you can contact your airline directly.

How to minimise the risk of luggage damage?

  1. One of the best ways to minimise the risk of luggage damage is to invest in a durable quality luggage. Especially if you are travelling more than once or twice a year.
  2. Hardside luggage absorbs impact better than the softside luggage, and its material is more durable than the one of the softside luggage. But, unfortunately, hardside luggage shows wear faster than softside luggage.
  3. When buying hardside luggage, look for luggage made of durable thermoplastics, for maximum impact-resistance.
  4. Some of the best hardside suitcases have abrasion-resistant shells.
  5. Also, get a reusable textile cover that will cocoon your suitcase and protect it from scratching.

What to do if you lose your bag, or it gets stolen?

Has somebody stolen your bag? Is your luggage lost?

Again - make sure to report it first, while you are still at the airport. And don’t forget to contact your insurance company.

Is baggage insurance necessary?

Is baggage insurance necessary? Yes and no.

You can definitely travel also without it.

Since the airline you are flying with will be held responsible for your luggage and its safe delivery.

At the same time having a good baggage insurance you’ll be able to enjoy a much more peaceful trip, especially if something do go wrong. Because they - your travel insurance company - will be the ones dealing with most of the consequences. Plus, mostly it doesn’t cost almost anything or anything at all extra. So, why not have an insurance?

Or - a travel debit or cradit card with insurance.

Have a great trip!

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