5 ways to get airport lounge access

I'm so looking forward to spending more time at the airport next month, as I’ve several trips planned out, said no one never.

Because, let’s be honest, travelling can be very tiring.

Especially the part that includes actual getting from one place to another. Airports isn’t the place you want to spend as much time as possible. Quite the opposite. You want to be there as little as possible. And I think that most of us, who are flying more than a few times a year, will agree on this. But there should be something to make the whole airport experience better, right? There is something. And that something is called airport lounges and airline lounges.

Main difference between the two of these is that airport lounges are mostly available to everyone (for a fee, of course), while the latter ones, which sometimes can’t be described in any other way that luxurious havens, are mostly reserved only for the elite status passengers of the particular airline.

Do you want to learn more about airport lounges and how to get airpot lounge access?

If your answer is a resounding yes, then let’s dive in.

Let’s start with one of the the easiest methods.

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How to get airport lounge access

1. Fly premium

Fly First class or Business class, and often that will be enough for you score a free one-time access to the airline’s airport lounge.

Of course, if there is one at the airport (and terminal) you will be flying from.

Be prepared, that in some situations you may need to have a specific status in your airline’s frequent flyer program to access the lounge. Not only the ticket. Or otherwise you may still have to pay for the access. So make sure to read the rules before making a booking, if you want to be sure that you’ll be getting an access to that particular lounge.

Mostly available only with full service airlines only.

And it's also one of the differences between full service and low cost airlines.

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2. Buy airport lounge pass

But which one to choose?

Go for Priority Pass, if you’re travelling alone, you’re travelling a lot, your destinations keep changing and you want the best option. Currently, in 2019, Priority Pass is a leading airport lounge access programme offering you access to over 1200 lounges in airports all around the world, except for Australia.

It’s not cheap. But at the same time for most of you who travel a lot it most probably gonna be the best airport lounge pass available on the market right now.

Three different membership plans are offered. With the most basic one (Standard; €89/year) a single lounge access will cost you €28, while with their best and also most expensive plan (Prestige; €399/year) you'll have an unlimited access to all Priority Pass partner lounges completely for free. Whichever plan you will choose, note that guest visit fee at Priority Pass lounges stays the same with all of them - €28 per person.

Are there any more options? If you’re from the UK, Canada, Denmark or the Netherlands, check out the Aspire-Swissport. For €299.99 it gives you and a guest unlimited access to any participating Aspire or Swissport lounges in these 4 countries mentioned earlier.

Great choice for couples, because you can share 1 card between two of you.

3. Get one-time paid access to airport lounge

There are plenty of options, how you can do it.

The most obvious one being going directly to the website of the airport.

But there is also a better option - LoungeBuddy, an airport lounge booking website. They also have an app, which is currently available only for iPhone. Go to App Store and search for LoungeBuddy.

4. Get packaged bank account

Because sometimes bank accounts and credit cards come with other perks, not only travel insurance, concierge service and cashback.

If you’re from the UK, here are two good options for business travellers to consider: Barclays Travel Plus Pack and NatWest Premier Reward Black account.

Apply for the Amex Preferred Reward Gold, and you’ll get 2 free airport lounge passes.

5. Travel with a friend

Do you have a friend or friends who have the Aspire-Swissport pass? Or any other pass giving free airport lounge access not only for the cardholder, but also for a guest? Travel with this friend and you’ll get free airport lounge access.

Ask your traveller friends. Probably you just don’t know.

Another option could be finding someone owning such a pass online. Someone who would readily help you it by inviting you to be their guest. Of course, if you’re flying from the same airport and at the same time. Try looking at FlyerTalk.

For more comfortable travels!

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