Airplane at the airport

How to claim flight compensation on your own

Flight delays and flight cancellations happen every day. So, even if you aren’t a frequent traveller, sooner or later you are going to experience it yourself. However, the good news is that if you’re flying to or from Europe, mostly you are under the EU's protection. And often in case of a flight disruption you’ll be eligible to receive flight compensation. How to claim flight compensation?

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Charter airlines

Charter Airlines: What are your rights?

If you book your flights yourself, mostly these will be regular, scheduled flights operated by regular airlines. However, if you book a package holiday, where both flights and accommodation are included, these usually are, so called, charter flights, mostly operated by charter airlines. What does it mean for you? Will you be protected of something goes wrong?

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People on the airplane

How to sleep on a plane: Tips for travellers

How to sleep on a plane? It’s one of the question you hear being asked by travellers a lot. Both by first-timers and those who have some experience under their belt. Why? Because it matters. One of the best ways to make your flight more enjoyable is to have some sleep on the plane. You’ll arrive at your destination well rested and ready to explore. But how to get much needed rest on a plane?

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Girl at the airport

Codeshare flights: How to claim compensation?

Have you ever been on a codeshare flight? Chances are that you have been. Because it’s a common practice nowadays for airlines to cooperate and share a flight. But what happens if something goes wrong? Who’s gonna be held responsible if the flight is delayed or cancelled? What are your rights on codeshare flights?

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Singapore Changi airport - One of the world's best airports

Best airport in the world 2019

When it comes to comfort, not all airports are equal. While there are huge international hubs with plenty of seating and even awesome attractions, there are also tiny airports with not enough space let alone seating. Which is the best airport in the world? To find an answer to this question let’s look at the list of top 10 airports in the world, as voted by travellers.

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British Airways planes

Gatwick flights suspended: Can you get compensated?

Yesterday evening was a stressful one for a handful of travellers in London. City's second busiest airport - Gatwick Airport - was shut down for around two hours, leading to cancellation of at least 28 flights, about the same as many flights were diverted to other airports. What are your rights in these situations? Can you get compensated?

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Two adults - Long haul flight essentials

Long haul flight essentials & tips

Going on a trip is an exciting experience. You count down the days. You can’t wait. But when the day comes closer and closer, you realise that not everything about the event is fun. You have to prepare for the trip, and it can be pain in the neck. To help you prepare for the trip best way possible here we are sharing some of our best long haul fligh tips.

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Airplane is flying over city

World’s Top 10 Airlines of 2019

Just like with anything else in the world, the service airlines provide can be of exceptional quality, superior to others in their field. We all want to get the best service and have the best experience when travelling. So we are searching not only for the best deals, but also pay attention to the airline providing the services. But what are the best airlines right now?

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Wifi symbol - Using internet while travelling in Europe

Using internet while travelling in Europe

Nowadays internet is not a luxury anymore but a necessity. You can do so many things with the help of internet - collect information, pay bills, watch funny or not so funny videos, book flights and accommodation abroad, just to name a few. So, of course, you want to use internet while travelling as well. How to stay connected while travelling? What are the options? Read on to find out more about how you can use internet while travelling in Europe.

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600 euro - How to claim flight compensation

Airline compensation: How to claim flight compensation

If you’re flying in Europe, from Europe or with a European airline, mostly you are under the EU's protection, all thanks to Europe's Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004 (EC 261), which was created to protect air passenger rights. What it means is that in case of a flight discruption it’s airlines duty to either take care of you or pay flight compensation, in many cases they are obliged to do both. And here we are going to talk about how to claim flight compensation.

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Airport lounge access

5 ways to get airport lounge access

Airports isn’t the place you want to spend as much time as possible. Quite the opposite. You want to be there as little as possible. And I think that most of us, who are flying more than a few times a year, will agree on this. But there should be something to make the whole airport experience better, right? There is something. And that something is called airport lounges and airline lounges.

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Air France airplane

French pilots strike has been cancelled

If you have an upcoming flight with Air France, then most probably you had already heard about yet another big strike that was about to happen in a few days time. Because next week French pilots were about to go on a 5-day strike, starting from Tuesday, May 14th to May 19th. Right now the French pilot strike has been cancelled, and you can relax for now as your travel plans most probably aren’t going to be affected anymore.

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Woman wearing a white dress on the beach

6 great beach destinations in Europe and near Europe - 2019

Can’t wait for summer? We have good news! There are plenty of great beach destinations in Europe and near Europe where it's warm even in spring. And maybe, just maybe, you don’t have to wait for anything and book that beach holiday right now? Anyway, here are our 6 favourite beach destinations in and close to Europe, offering some of the best beach holidays in Europe.

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Suitcases on trolleys - Luggage tips

Luggage tips & What to do if your luggage gets lost

Quality of your luggage matters. A high quality suitcase or backpack not only looks better and lasts longer, which for many will be the deal breaker. Quality luggage also tends to be better for organising your stuff and it feels comfier when you’re actually travelling with it and moving around from one place to another. One more thing that matters is how and if you take care of your luggage while travelling. To help you with this here we are sharing some of our best luggage tips.

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Sleeping - Airport sleeping pods

Airport sleeping pods: An alternative to hotels

Flying is tiring, especially if it’s a long-haul flight we are talking about. When you are spending so much time for travel it’s very important to get some rest wherever you can. The best option would be to get a proper sleep at a hotel but not always it’s possible because of the finances or time. If you’re short on time sleeping in airport may be the only option for you. How to make the experience as good as possible? Use airport sleeping pods.

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A drunk toy

8 bizarre reasons why flights have been delayed

Flight delays happen every day. The reasons behind it are different: technical problems, bad weather, airline staff strikes. Usually it’s serious stuff that will make you frown and or even get you stressed. But sometimes flights get delayed because of bizarre incidents, like, critters on the plane, drunk crew members, or even a lack of toilet paper. No, seriously! It’s not a joke.

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Banana sandwich - What to eat at airport

What to eat at the airport? Healthy eating tips

Airport food is expensive. But what’s actually even worse is that the food most of travellers eat at the airport is unhealthy. It’s mostly sugary or salty snacks, not proper food. So, what are the options? What to eat at the airport? Bring some food from home or supermarket to both save money and to keep a more healthy diet! Not sure what to bring? Then continue reading and you’ll learn a few new things today.

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Calculator - Flight compensation - How much can you claim

Flight compensation: How much can you claim

Flight delays, cancellations and overbookings do happen. However, there is one thing to remember - if that happens while you are travelling to, from or within the EU, mostly you are under the EU protection. If your flight ever gets heavily delayed (3+ hours), cancelled less than 14 days before the scheduled time of departure or you’ve been denied boarding, you might be entitled not only to care from the airline, but also to flight compensation. How much can you claim?

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A woman looking into a distance - Easy ways to save money on travel

10 smart and easy ways to save money on travel

There's a common myth that travelling is expensive, and you need to have a lot of money to be able to afford it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Because, you see, there are hundreds of ways how you can travel nowadays. Follow these 10 simple steps and you'll be able to save money on travel and go on longer holidays!

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A man using a smartphone for stress-free travel

15 best apps for stress-free travel

Travelling can be both exciting and stressful. For some travel planning is exciting whereas embarking on a trip itself might be stressful. For others it's quite the opposite. How to deal with that? How to deal with travel anxiety? One of the first steps you can make in order to make travelling as stress-free as possible is to leave for the airport prepared. Here are the 15 best apps for stress-free travel that every traveller should have. Download these before leaving for the airport!

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Man sleeping in airports

Sleeping in airports: Tips

Situations differ. Some travellers are sleeping in airports regularly to save on accommodation. Others may get stuck because of flight delays and cancellations. Then there are also times when it just makes no sense to book a hotel, and you’ll decide to stay in the airport instead. The one thing all of these travellers have in common is the question - ok, but how to make the experience of sleeping in the airport better?

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People at the airport - Connecting flights

Connecting flights: Frequently asked questions

Flying direct may sound great. But not always taking a direct flight is an option. Even now when there are direct 12+ hour flights and it’s possible to fly directly from London to Perth in Australia. In some situations it’s gonna be way more expensive than taking a connecting flight between the same two places, in other - you will simply have no choice but to take a connecting flight. How do connecting flights work?

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Enjoying cherry blossom in Europe

Where to enjoy cherry blossom in Europe? 5 destinations

Have you ever seen beautiful photos of cherry blossom trees in Japan (I bet you have) and wondered how amazing it would be to visit this beautiful country during the spring? Guess what! You don’t have to go that far to see cherry blossoms! There are plenty of other places where you can experience that. Here are 5 of the best places where to see cherry blossom in Europe.

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Two people on the pier - Traveller checklist for holiday

Traveller's checklist for holiday and business travel

Planning a trip for many travellers is a deeply satisfying and exciting task. However, the actual trip, especially the very start of it might be stressful and usually it starts to cause concern already days before. To help you start your trip the best way possible we've created this traveller's checklist for holiday and business travel. If your trip starts very soon, then this international travel checklist is what you need right now.

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Map - Pre travel checklist

The ultimate pre-travel checklist

Same like all big tasks planning a trip can seem like a daunting challenge. Especially if you are an inexperienced traveller or it’s going to be your first ever trip abroad. This is where pre travel checklist comes into play. Having a checklist, having a plan, always makes things much more easier. Splitting up large tasks into smaller pieces makes them look less daunting.

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Woman using laptop - Best Travel Blogs 2019

9 travel blogs to follow in 2019

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and, well, social media in general. This is where more and more people go, when searching for new travel ideas, tips and inspiration. But where do you look for travel inspiration? If you are among those who like to read instead of watching videos or scrolling through shots of picture-perfect beaches and awe-inspiring landscapes, then here are some recommendations for you.

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Charts, notepad and laptop on the table

5 things you probably don’t know about flight compensations

Let’s face it, legal documents can be very difficult to understand for most of people. Not surprisingly many still don’t know that they could be entitled to flight compensation whenever there is a flight delay or disruption due to the airline’s fault. And that's despite the fact that the EU Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004, made to protect passenger rights, has been around for more than 10 years already.

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Luggage on a trolley in train station

12 smart travel packing tips and tricks

Hate to pack? You aren’t the only one! Are you thinking for days what to take with you on your holiday but still can’t really decide? And then you end up with a bulky bag, yet still half of the stuff you wanted to take with you is lying on your bed? OK, and what to do now? To lighten the burden you might be having we’ve decided to share some of our best tips.

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Aircraft flying over skyscrapers

Situations when you can't get flight compensation

Flight delays. Flight cancellations. You’ve been denied boarding. Often, when something like this happens, you can get compensation of some sort. When you are traveling to or from Europe or with a European airline and things like this happen due to the airline’s fault you can sometimes get both a new flight to your destination and up to €600 in cash per passenger. But there are also situations when you can’t get flight compensation.

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Sparklers held in hands, during the Christmas time

8 tips for travelling during the holiday season

Can you believe it? Winter has almost arrived in most of Europe, and soon another year will have passed. With the holidays just around the corner we decided, why not share some of our best holiday travel tips with all of you. Tips that those of you travelling during the holiday season may find useful, whether you’ll be going on a vacation overseas or you’ll be visiting your friends and family not that far away.

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Traveling with a car - Best holiday destinations

Best holiday destinations 2019: One destination for every month

Where to travel next year? Which country to visit? With so many interesting places around the world finding the next holiday destination may be not the easiest task. To help you with this we’ve created this list of interesting places to visit - one destination for every month. Are you ready to dive in?

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Airplanes at the airport - Denied boarding guide

You have been denied boarding. What to do next?

You have arrived to the airport in time. Everything is in order with your travel documents (your passport, visas and boarding passes). And yet you are still denied boarding? That’s happening more often than you probably think it is. And the reason mostly is overbooking. To put it simply, airline has sold more tickets than there are seats, and now there are no more free seats, because apparently everyone has come. Why?

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Travel checklist

Travel essentials: 15 Carry on essentials

Packing can take a lot of time. Some people like to do it well in advance, others - pack at the very last moment. One of the safest ways to make packing less tiring is to create a packing list. Not only it will make the whole process easier, but this way you’ll make it sure that nothing important is left behind. Check out our hand luggage packing list to see what we think are the most important travel essentials.

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Cable car on the mountain in a mountain resort

5 ski holiday destinations - Where to go skiing this winter

Looking for the best place where to go skiing this winter? If skiing and snowboarding is your thing, or if you are thinking of giving it a try this winter, now is the last moment to start planning this year’s ski holidays. With some many options out there, in Europe and in the world, it’s easy to get lost. Not to make things even harder for you we have compiled a short list with 5 interesting ski destinations you may want to reconsider.

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Smartwatch on woman's hand

Why do flights get delayed? 6 top reasons

With the number of air passengers in Europe continuing to grow it's more and more clear that the existing airport capacity fails to match the growth already now. As a result the number of those affected by flight delays and cancellations continues to grow as well, and by 2040 this number is expected to be 9 times bigger than it is now, a report by Eurocontrol has warned. Why are flights delayed?

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Beanie - Packing essentials for winter

10 packing essentials for winter in Northern Europe

It’s time to start packing bags. Like it or not but it’s also a part of travelling. Need a tip? Create a packing list to save time and never again forget something important at home. Or search for one on Google, if you need help in the process. If you are planning to visit Northern Europe this winter, check out also our list of packing essentials for winter.

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People watching fireworks

5 best places for New Year's Eve in Europe - 2018

Are you still thinking where to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year? What about making this year different from the others by celebrating arrival of 2019 somewhere else, not at your usual place back at home? Sounds like a plan, huh? To help you with the task of finding that place, where to head to, we have created a list of 5 best places for New Year's Eve in Europe

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Man and woman at the airport - What to do if your flight is cancelled

What to do if your flight is cancelled? 5 steps

Flight disruptions happen every day. Flights get delayed or cancelled due to number of reasons, including aircraft technical problems, extreme weather conditions and employee strikes. But, honestly, there is nothing much you can do about it. And even if you aren’t flying that often you may have to experience it yourself one day. What to do if your flight is cancelled? Can you get a compensation of any sort?

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Woman holding a bank card - Best travel debit card in Europe featured photo

Best travel debit card in Europe

Gone are the days when you would pay hefty fees only to withdraw cash from an ATM abroad or from ATM’s of other banks. Well, at least here in Europe and for those using debit cards we are going to talk about in this article. Which one is the best travel debit card, you’ll ask. Here in this article we compare 3 of the best.

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Cold coconuts being sold

Where is hot and sunny in November

Are you freezing at home and missing summer already? Well, us too… But it’s not gonna be here for at least another half a year! Yeah, I know I’ve spoiled your mood now but it is how nature works! Want to experience summer before it arrives in June? Travel somewhere where it’s hot! Where is hot and sunny in November?

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Man sitting on the floor at the airport - Extraordinary circumstances - Flight delay

Flight delay due to extraordinary circumstances. What does it mean?

So, your flight has been cancelled or delayed due to extraordinary circumstances. What does that mean and what should you do next? When used correctly this usually means that the reason of the delay or cancellation has been something out of the airline's control, like the weather has gone really bad and it isn’t safe to fly anymore, or, for example, something has paralyzed operations of the airport you are flying from.

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Girl walking on the road surrounded by palm trees

Where to find the best deals on flights and holidays?

When it comes to travel planning, finding the best deals on flights is where it usually starts for most. If you prefer to book a holiday package over doing everything on your own, then things are a bit different. But still you have to find that deal that fits your needs and budget the best. How to find the best deals on flights and holidays?

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People in concert - Amsterdam Dance Event

Going to Amsterdam Dance Event? Here are 6 things you should know

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is one of electronic music's best known and important events not only in Europe, but in the whole world. It’s both electronic music conference and festival started in 1995. This year Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will take place from the 17th to the 21st of October 2018.

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Woman at the airport - What to do if your flight is delayed

What to do if your flight is delayed? 5 steps

Flight delays suck. But, honestly, there is nothing much you can do about it. Because these things happen every day. Sometimes because of technical problems, other times because of airport strikes. So even if you aren’t a frequent traveller, sooner or later you are going to experience it yourself.

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Two men sitting at the airport

9 tips to get through airport security faster

Travelling can be tiring. Especially the part that involves actual getting from one place to another. If it’s your first time flying you may still think that travelling by plane solves all the problems, because planes nowadays are so fast. But it doesn’t. Because of all the airport procedures, including airport security screening. As a result of which often you spend more time at the airports than flying. What you can do about it?

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Autumn fall leaf - Best places to visit in October, November

9 Fall travel ideas: Best places to visit in October, November

It's August already. And with autumn just around the corner one have to start planning fall travels now - there's no time to lose. To make the planning process a little bit easier for you we have prepared a list of some of the best places to visit in October - November (in the world).

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