5 reasons to stay at YotelAir airport hotels

Yotel is a hotel chain from UK, best known for its modern hotels and futuristic design hotel rooms. Currently the company operates under 3 names: Yotel, YotelAir and YotelPad. While Yotel is more like a regular hotel, YotelAir is a next generation airport hotel. And also your opportunity to make that next long layover as enjoyable as possible.

And while often compared with airport sleeping pods, YotelAir is so much more than that. So, here are 5 reasons to stay at YotelAir! As answer to the question why it’s such a great option for travellers in transit.

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YotelAir single bed room

5 reasons to stay at YotelAir

1. Comfort, comfort, comfort

Yotel’s concept is — a luxury feel in a compact space and a clever use of space.

And they are very good at it. Their modern, smartly designed and minimalistic rooms are very comfortable and the hotels have all the modern amenities you could think of. Rooms at YotelAir feature a smart bed, adjustable mood lighting, TV and a workstation.

Despite their tiny size, the rooms have fully functioning en-suite bathroom with a rain shower.

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2. It’s a great value for money

YotelAir is not cheap.

In fact, it’s more expensive than most airport sleeping pods.

But at the same time you get your own private room, which is packed with modern amenities and overall a very pleasant place to be. Thanks to its very modern and feature clever design.

3. It’s easy

Everything from booking a room to checking in our out.

Same like in regular Yotel hotels YotelAir offers self check in using self-service kiosks. You arrive. Check in. Get your access card. Proceed to your room. No need to wait for anyone.

YotelAir Changi airport Singapore

4. It saves your time

Having a long layover?

There’s no need to leave the airport to get much needed rest. Book a room at YotelAir.

It’s also a great option if you have an early flight, or your flight has been delayed or cancelled, and your airline hasn’t provided you with anything. Check out our guide to learn what to do if your flight is delayed. Because in many situations if there’s a long delay or cancellation, the airline should provide you with a free hotel room.

Want to take a nap? No problem, book a room at YotelAir.

Becuase the rooms there can be booked on an hourly basis as well.

And it's cheaper than the overnight stay.

5. It can also be your office for a day

The cabin-like rooms are great not only for sleeping and relaxing, but also for working. Unlike an airport terminal, Yotel rooms offer a quiet and safe environment, free internet access and plenty of charging ports.

Don’t like to work in a room? Use hotel’s lounge area.

YotelAir big room in Instanbul

Yotel - a next generation hotel chain

Haven’t heard of Yotel before?

Yotel is a UK based hotel chain, operating in several airports and cities. Its concept is — a luxury feel in a compact space and a clever use of space. The design is inspired by Japanese-style capsule hotels.

The company operates under 3 names: YotelAir, Yotel and YotelPad.

YotelAir is a capsule hotel offering private cabins with a single or double bed, a work space and even a private bathroom. The private cabins have free WiFi and a flat screen TV. YotelAir capsule hotels can be found in several airports all around the globe. These airport cabins boast a futuristic design and great amenities.

Yotel first started out with airport cabins, but then expanded and introduced also capsule-like hotels in several cities.

Yotel hotel rooms (Yotel calls them ‘cabins') also are capsule-like, but more spacious and with more comfort.

In 2018 YOTEL launched YotelPad — extended stay properties, where guests can stay up to a year. 

YotelAir Istanbul

Yotel: Rooms and features

Inspired by first class travel and Japanese capsule hotels, YOTEL rooms and YOTELAIR cabins are modern, and feature clean, minimalistic design that will appeal to travellers in transit.

Yotel offers compact yet very cosy cabin-like rooms with good amount of amenities.

There are Queen, Premium Queen, Family and Suite rooms.

These rooms are more compact than rooms in regular hotels you may be used to.

YotelAir offers standard and premium cabins. Standard cabins are the cheapest type of cabins available, and feature a regular single bed, small bathroom with a shower and toilet. Premium cabins are larger and feature an adjustable smart bed. Premium cabins are more spacious, more like a hotel room.

Depending on the size and type, a YotelAir cabin may feature:

  • SmartBed™ which is goes up and down, and can be used as a sofa. Regular cabins don’t have a smart bed, but a regular bed.
  • Adjustable mood-lighting.
  • Flat screen TV.
  • Baggage area.
  • Shelves.
  • Compact en-suite bathroom with a toilet, sink and monsoon rain shower.
  • Charging ports.
  • Work space.

YotelAir big room Singapore

All Yotel rooms are open concept. There's no closet for storage, and a Yotel room only has a couple of drawers. But you’ll find hangers for clothes and a safe. Rooms feature a small work area with charging ports and electricity sockets. There is also an ironing board and an iron.

Every Yotel hotel room has similar smart bed like the ones at YotelAir premium cabins.

The en-suite bathroom in Yotel rooms are really spacious for this room size.

Just like in a YotelAir cabin, there’s adjustable mood-lighting in an Yotel room.

Both Yotel and YotelAir hotels have some great features.

Yotel hotels have airline style self-check-in kiosks and keyless entry.

New York hotel is home to the YOBOT, the world's first robotic luggage concierge. The hotels in Boston and Singapore have delivery robots which take amenities to the rooms. Yotel Boston boasts SkyBar. Yotel NYC — an outdoor terrace, but YOTEL San Francisco has a great lounge.

Yotel locations

For up to date information check the websites of Yotel and YotelAir.

  • London Heathrow Airport 
  • London Gatwick Airport 
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 
  • New York City 
  • Charles de Gaulle Airport 
  • Boston 
  • Singapore
  • San Francisco 
  • Istanbul New Airport 
  • Singapore Changi Airport 
  • Amsterdam 
  • London 
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow 
  • Atlanta (opening in 2022)

Photos used in this article were provided by YotelAir.