Where to enjoy cherry blossom in Europe? 5 destinations

Have you ever seen beautiful photos of cherry blossom trees in Japan (I bet you have) and wondered how amazing it would be to visit this beautiful country during the spring? Guess what! You don’t have to go that far to see cherry blossoms!

There are plenty of other places where you can experience that.

Here are 5 of the best places where to see cherry blossom in Europe.

It’s time to start planning that spring weekend getaway now!

Where to enjoy cherry blossom in Europe

Here is a list of five destinations in Europe where to enjoy the beautiful spring and see the beauty of blooming cherry blossoms.

1. London, United Kingdom

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There are plenty of parks and gardens in London but two of the most popular for cherry blossoms are Greenwhich Park and Kew Gardens.

Greenwich Park is one of the largest parks in London. It’s located in south-east London, and it covers 74 hectares. The park boasts beautiful views of London skyline, the Isle of Dogs and the River Thames. To see blooming cherry trees in Greenwich Park, head south, towards Blackheath.

Kew Gardens is a botanical garden in southwest London, a 30-minute ride away from Central London.

When to go? April to early May.

2. Paris, France

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Paris is not only perfect for romantic getaways and honeymooners but also for nature lovers that want to witness the beauty of spring.

Head to Champ de Mars to see beautiful cherry blossoms in Paris! Champ de Mars is a large public park in the central Paris, next to the Eiffel Tower. If you’ll be taking a public transport, there are 3 metro stations not far away.

Another good option is to go to Parc de Sceaux, a park located in the countryside south of Paris.

A few more great spots in Paris you will find here.

When to go? April to early May. If you're coming earlier you may experience magnolia blossom.

3. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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Why should you go to Amsterdam in spring? Because of sakura blossoms and tulips.

In April the annual Tulip Festival is being held in Amsterdam. The spring has already arrived. Everything’s green again. And flower markets are bursting with flowers. What a better way to rejuvenate after long European winter than by walking or cycling around and taking in all that beauty.

Where to go? Kersenbloesempark.

When to go? April.

4. Jerte Valley, Spain

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If you would like to be closer to nature, start planning a trip to Jerte Valley.

Every spring over a 1.5 million cherry trees blossom there, making the mountains there look like they are covered with snow. Most important thing to remember is that cherry blossom lasts only for around 10 to 15 days, which means that you should plan your trip carefully, taking into account this year’s weather conditions.

When to go? Mid-march to mid-April.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark 

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Last but not least - Copenhagen. Another great place where to see cherry blossom in Europe.

Two of the best places to go: Bispebjerg Cemetery and Langelinie Park. The latter mostly being less busy than the other. For the best photos you’ll have to wake up early. Since both places are some 6 kilometres apart, make a decision where you want to go first.

When to go? Mid-April - to early May.

Happy travels!