10 packing essentials for winter in Northern Europe

It’s time to start packing bags.

Like it or not but it’s also a part of travelling.

Need a tip? Create a packing list to save time and never again forget something important at home. Or search for one on Google, if you need help in the process. If you are planning to visit Northern Europe this winter, check out also our list of packing essentials for winter.

Of course, that's not all. These aren’t the only things you should be taking with you, but they are among the most important.

So save the list for later!

10 packing essentials for winter

1. A beanie

To protect your ears and head from the chill.

2. Choose comfortable boots, not shoes

To keep your feet warm and even more importantly - dry.

Choose slip on boots if you want your clothing be as travel-friendly as possible. With these type of boots you’ll have no problems taking off your footwear at the airport security checkpoint. And you'll make it through security faster.

3. A compact umbrella

Because it can be raining as well.

The weather is changing and it’s not a surprise for anyone if it’s raining during the Christmas, when just a decade ago, in the same place, there would be an all white Christmas. Making an umbrella one of the most important packing essentials for winter.

4. For layering use coat

Be ready for cold.

Wear it over a hoodie or cardigan, if it's really cold.

Or over a t-shirt - when it gets warmer.

5. A pair of gloves

There are all kind of gloves available nowadays.

Including ones that allow you to use a smartphone without taking them off. Make sure to choose the right pair for your kind of activity, if you'll be also heading outdoors.

Otherwise - just choose what you like the best.

6. A compact daypack

Be it summer or winter, one thing never changes.

A small daypack is a nice thing to have whenever you travel.

Especially useful for sightseeing, day hikes and day trips.

7. A pair of warm socks

Keep your feet warm!

8. A cardigan

A great option when it's cold, but you still want to look good.

Both for women and men.

9. Comfortable clothes for outdoors

If you are planning to spend most of the time outdoors, a pair of winter boots is a must. The same as layers (several items of clothing instead of one bulky and super warm). Because it may get too hot for you and with layers it’s easy to take something off.

Don’t forget also a waterproof and windproof jacket.

10. Hand cream, face moisturiser, lip balm

To prevent winter dryness.

And to make yourself feel better.

That’s it. Don’t forget these things, add everything else you will need, and you’ll be ready to go!