9 tips to get through airport security faster

Travelling can be tiring.

Especially the part that involves actual getting from one place to another.

If it’s your first time flying you may still think that travelling by plane solves all the problems, because planes nowadays are so fast. But it doesn’t. Because of all the airport procedures, including airport security screening. As a result of which often you spend more time at the airports than flying. What you can do about it?

How to get through airport security faster?

Getting through airport security faster

1. Fly premium or buy Fast Track pass

Most of the airlines offer great benefits, such as dedicated check-in counters and fast track security clearance, if you fly first class or business class. However one of these perks is available for most of us and often it’s pretty cheap. And you don’t have to fly premium class.

That’s Fast Track pass.

With this kind of pass you are allowed to take a dedicated security lane, which is obviously shorter and thus you can get through airport security faster.

It’s not available in all airports. And not with all airlines.

For example, Lufthansa Fast Track is available in more than 140 airports around the world, while Norwegian Fast Track - in around 20 airports. If we compare low-cost airlines in Europe and in how many airports they offer fast track, then Ryanair and easyJet are among the best.

2. Know the rules and come prepared

No scissors or knives.

No matches and not more than 1 lighter.

No liquids over 100 ml in your hand luggage. Note that liquids include creams, gels, aerosols, pastes, lotions and perfumes. And don’t forget to put all of your liquids in plastic bag.

What about food at the airport? Can you take your own food through airport security? Mostly yes. Unless it’s with a high liquid content. What about drinking water? You will not be allowed to carry a bottle of water when going through airport security. Empty the bottle and refill it after you get through airport security. Don’t forget about it, so you don’t slow down the queue.

Are you travelling with a laptop? Do you have any other electronic devices larger than a mobile phone with you? Be ready to take all of them out of your bag.

Don’t overpack and keep your passport and boarding pass close (in a pocket, money belt or concealed neck wallet).

3. Dress appropriately

Wear comfortable shoes you can easily take off.

Because you may be asked to do so to clear airport security.

Take off your jacket or coat a moment before going through security.

Wear a jacket with pockets, so that after going through security you can throw your wallet, phone, passport in a pocket and take the rest of your stuff faster.

If your belt has no metal parts you don’t have to remove it.

4. When travelling with checked luggage, pack your carry on as light as possible

Less stuff means you are getting through airport security faster.

And if there is something you still have to take out during the security screening - with less stuff it’s easier. If you can, leave all the things that otherwise you would need to take out in your checked luggage. For example, keep all of your liquids in your checked luggage.

And you’ll save money this way as well.

As you’ll not have to buy special travel size toiletries.

5. Be polite, patient and friendly

Yes, travelling can be tiring.

And airport procedures can take a lot of time sometimes.

But be patient and polite, and you'll get through airport security faster. You’ll not make anything better by losing your temper or shouting at others, or even worse - shouting at airport staff. Chances are that in such a situation you will not just lose an hour of your time but you will miss your flight altogether and end up paying a fine for that.

6. Think about others when going through airport security

As simple as that.

If you make it through fast, others will have a chance to do the same.

Set an example for others and let’s make the system better all together.

7. Avoid peak times if possible


A day before and after holidays.

Friday and Sunday afternoon.

Avoid travelling at those times if you don’t want to arrive to airport full with other travellers and long, long queues leading to airport security checkpoint. Book your flights wisely paying attention not only to the date but also time of the day.

8. If your flight is delayed, proceed through the security anyway

Or in other words - proceed as usual.

Unless, of course, it’s not possible because of the same reason that your flight is delayed.

There is no reason to wait. Even though your flight is delayed for an hour and you may see that as an opportunity to, for example, head over to a shopping mall not far away from the airport. To simply wander around or to do some shopping while waiting.

First of all, it still can change and your flight may leave earlier than that.

And there is always a chance that something unexpected happens and airport gets more packed that it is now. If others will decide to do the same - wait, then you all will clearly make the queues for security longer than they should be in that particular time.

So don’t risk and proceed as you were planning to do.

And, know your rights - if your flight gets delayed for more than 3 hours (3 hours and 1 minute counts as well), you may be entitled to compensation of up to €600 per passenger.

Register your claim with us and we’ll help you to get that money.

9. Go to the airport early

How early should I get to the airport, you’ll ask.

Often 2 hours is all you need to make it in time. But to be on the safe side you can come to the airport 3 hours before planned departure. Or simply follow your airline’s recommendations and instructions.

They know better how long it usually takes.

Anyway it’s always better to have some extra time to spend doing nothing that to run like a madman in order to make it.

Happy travels!