Can you find out why a flight is delayed?

Can you find out why a flight is delayed?

Have you ever been stuck at an airport, waiting for your delayed flight to take off? You’re not alone. Delays happen all the time, and they can be incredibly frustrating. The good news is that in many situations you can get compensation for delay, as long as the delay is due to the airline’s fault. But how do you find that out? How do you find out why a flight is delayed? First, you contact the airline you are flying with.

In many situations, though, you don’t stop at that.

In many situations, an extra investigation is necessary.

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Can you find out why a flight is delayed?

Yes, you can find out why a flight is delayed. Theoretically it is very easy. You just contact the airline you are flying with and they tell you what happened with your flight. At the same time, it may not be easy, if the reason why you are looking for this type of information is to prove that you are, in fact, entitled to UK/EU flight delay compensation.

If it doesn’t work, you will have to do an investigation:

  1. Contact the airline and ask them to provide the information
  2. Ask for a proof confirming what they are saying (if you don’t agree with that)
  3. Compare the data you are given with other resources (it may not be for free)
  4. Compare the actions of your airline with that of the other airlines operating flights at the same time and from the same airport (see, if they also delayed their flights)

It is important to note that airlines have no obligation to provide a detailed explanation for every single flight delay. However, they must provide information proving that they have taken all possible measures to minimize the impact of the delay. And if they are saying that the delay was due to something unavoidable, as a result of which you aren’t entitled to UK/EU flight delay compensation, they have to provide a proof of that.

Flight delays due to extreme weather conditions?

The airline claims your flight was delayed due to bad weather? First and foremost, investigate if severe weather was really a factor. Then compare what other airlines were doing while yours failed to take off — were they able to fly out of that same airport?

You can quickly investigate the number of other planes that departed near or around the same time, and how many aircrafts landed at the final destination in a similar time period. For that, you can use flight trackers such as Flightradar24 to see departure/arrival logs.

Let professionals do the job!

There is always this extra option available.

You can hand the case over to flight compensation specialists. We offer such a service. File a compensation claim with us, and we’ll check the flight on your behalf. We’ll do the investigation on your behalf. Our team has been working with claims like this since 2018.

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Why do flights get delayed?

Why do planes get delayed?

Flights can be delayed for a variety of reasons, ranging from extreme weather conditions to mechanical issues with an airplane and airport security issues.


Weather is the most common cause of delays. Very often flights get delayed due to strong winds, thunderstorms, heavy snow, heavy rain and other weather-related conditions that are unsafe for flying.

For example, high winds can make it difficult to take off or land an aircraft safely, while thunderstorms and snow can impact visibility and make it hard for pilots to navigate. Additionally, unexpected turbulence caused by bad weather can create uncomfortable flying conditions which may necessitate a delay until conditions improve.

Air traffic control

Air traffic control also plays a major role in delaying flights.

When airspace is crowded with too many planes heading towards the same airport at once, or if visibility is low due to fog or clouds, airline controllers will have no choice but put a hold on some flights while they try to sort out the mess.

Technical problems with an airplane

[Mechanical issues](/en/news/technical-problems-is-airlines-fault "Technical problems are airline’s fault (you can get a compensation) are another frequent reason why flights may get delayed.

This could mean anything from tiny technical faults like faulty sensors and broken windshield wipers all the way up to serious malfunctions such as engine failure and electrical system breakdowns. All of this is taken seriously and planes are checked before every flight.

Airplane crew

Finally, crew availability can sometimes be an issue as well.

Airlines need enough crew members (pilots and/or flight attendants) on board every plane who are qualified and able fly that particular route on time. If there’s not enough available personnel available when required, then the flight will have to be delayed.

Keep in mind that if your flight is delayed for 3+ hours due to mechanical issues or staffing shortages, you are entitled to flight delay compensation.

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What if your compensation claim has been unfairly rejected?

This can happen, too. In our experience, it happens a lot.

Don't forget that airlines will often try to skirt their responsibility and avoid paying any compensation you may be owed. Always make sure to verify whatever information they provide, particularly when filing for a claim yourself! Airlines have been known to lie about the cause of flight delays in order get out of providing due compensation — so if they tell you it was delayed because of extraordinary circumstances, double check before accepting the answer!

If this entire process is sounding like too much effort, then allow a flight compensation company to help. They'll review your flight and determine why it was late in the first place. Plus, they could also negotiate compensation on your behalf.

As already mentioned, we offer such services.

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