9 Fall travel ideas: Best places to visit in October, November

It's August already.

And with autumn just around the corner one have to start planning fall travels now - there's no time to lose. To make the planning process a little bit easier for you we have prepared a list of some of the best places to visit in October - November (in the world).

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There is something for everyone to choose from.

Starting from fall weekend getaways to the best beach destinations in October.

Best places to visit in October, November

1. Best fall weekend getaways - Barcelona, Ljubljana

Barcelona, Spain.

As soon as summer is over and the number of tourists plummets Barcelona becomes one of the best fall weekend getaways within a 2-hour flight from London (and most of Europe).

It’s still warm and nice there for most of the autumn.

And when your friends are already busy doing Christmas shopping you can still be strolling on the beach in Barcelona or sipping a drink at the rooftop bar.

Is there something more to wish for?

Ljubljana, Slovenia.

If you are looking for the sun and the beach in October or November, skip this! Ljubljana isn’t for you. But if you would like to have a nice mix of culture and nature, then is the weekend getaway destination for you.

Museums, beautiful bridges and parks, Ljubljana has it all. Being the capital of Slovenia Ljubljana is also one of the Europe's greenest capitals.

What a better place to choose if you want to see autumn colors.

If you like wine, come to Ljubljana in November, when two wine festivals are taking place - St Martin’s Day and the Slovenian Wine and Culinary Festival.

Check out the exact dates before making a plan!

2. Best places to visit in October for sun - Dubrovnik, Lisbon

Dubrovnik, Croatia.

A stunningly beautiful coastal city, that recently has experienced an exceptional growth of tourism.

While not the quietest month by any means October still is one of the best times to visit the city. It’s warm and sunny, and there are less tourists than in summer.

Any Game Of Thrones (TV series) fans here? Why am I asking this.

Because that’s exactly the reason why this city has become that popular recently. These series, called also most popular show on TV, were filmed in Croatia. And in Dubrovnik alone there are some 20 Game of Thrones filming locations every fan now wants to visit.

Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. It's a city rich in culture and history. And it’s also one of the Europe's southernmost capitals, making it one of the best places to visit in October - November. Early November, though, if you’ll be traveling for sun. Nearest sandy beaches are less than 30 minutes away by bus. Spectacular town of Sintra - an hour away by train. A cosy Portuguese restaurant - just around the corner.

3. Best places to see autumn colors - Prague & Kyoto

Prague, Czech Republic.

Arguably the most beautiful city in Europe, Prague, is also a great place to be in Europe to witness fall foliage. Come during October and you'll not be disappointed.

For the best views of the city head over to Prague’s Petřín Hill.

Another reason to travel to Prague in the fall - there are way less tourists and hence the prices are lower.

Kyoto, Japan.

If you have more than a weekend to spare or you simply wanna visit a more exotic destination, go on a trip to Japan.

Millions of tourists travel to Japan for cherry blossom season, way less - in autumn. Meaning way shorter queues, but not less beautiful scenery. And the historical city of Kyoto, the former capital of Japan, is a particularly good choice during this time of the year.

Wanna visit Mount Fuji?

Thanks to Japan’s super fast bullet trains you can even go on a day trip from Kyoto to Fuji.

4. Best places to vacation in November - Dubai, Antigua, Thailand

Dubai, UAE.

Home to around 1000 high-rises, Dubai is also one of the best places to vacation in November. Since there is so much more to the pearl of the United Arab Emirates than meets the eye.

Luxury shopping and desert safaris.

Amazing beaches and bustling markets.

World class rooftop restaurants and Sheesha bars.

You can also go skydiving in Dubai.

Heck, you can even go snowboarding in Dubai.


Antigua and Barbuda is an island nation, located in the Caribbean Sea. It's one of the region's wealthiest countries, know for its beautiful sandy beaches. And Antigua is one of the two main islands.

The weather there is warm year-round.

What makes November especially good time to visit Antigua is that the rainy season is already finishing, but the peak tourist season hasn’t yet started.

Thailand (Ko Lanta).

Thailand always is a good idea.

And with cheap, direct flights to Bangkok from many cities in Europe it’s also an easily accessible and affordable beach vacation destination. However, if you will be travelling in October or November, Ko Lanta, same like Krabi, Phuket and Ko Chang if you need more options, will be the safest bet if you want to have a sunny vacation in November in Thailand.

If you want to save money on airfare, book a flight to Bangkok and then a separate flight from one of Asia’s low cost airlines from Bangkok to your destination in Thailand. This way it’s often cheaper than buying one ticket to your destination.

Have a great trip!