14 best airport tips

Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced traveller, it happens with everyone. There are these times when you find yourself stressed out at the airport. Am I at the right airport? Am I too late? Where exactly in my bag are the toiletries? These and many other thoughts have crossed your mind at least once.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It happens with everyone. To help you make your journey less stressful we’ve created this list.These are some of our best airport tips for an easier and stress-free travelling.

Save this list for later, and you’ll always be prepared!

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Our best airport tips

1. Find out from which airport does your flight depart

Find out from which exactly airport does your flight depart.

Then find out how to get there.

Use Google maps to see the location of the airport, as well as how to get there.

2. Save your boarding pass to the phone or print it

Some airlines charge for printing a boarding pass.

And the fees often often are ridiculous.

To avoid it, print your boarding pass yourself.

Or, save it to your phone.

Dot it before leaving for the airport — don’t rely on an airport’s WiFi.

It’s the best to do it at home or at the hotel.

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3. Check your flight status in real time

Before leaving for the airport, check if your flight will be on time.

You can check your flight status online.

This way, you will know in advance if it is delayed or cancelled.

You can check it on the official webpage of the airport, or, even better, using an online flight tracker. We recommend Flightradar24, a very popular and reliable online flight tracker, used by millions of travellers.

Even if there is a delay, go to the airport as planned, unless notified otherwise.

If it’s a long delay - 2-3 hours and more - it’s worth calling the airport to find out if the check in has been postponed as well. If it’s postponed, wait at home or hotel for a while.

4. Go to the airport early

2-3 hours before the scheduled departure time is the best.

Yes, sometimes it may take you less than 20 minutes to make it to the gate.

But it’s not worth risking it. Because you never know how much is it going to take you today to make it to your plane. You may as well get into a traffic jam on your way to the airport.

5. Do not leave your belongings unattended

Don’t do it. Never.

Even if it is for a short period of time (e.g., a visit to the bathroom).

First of all, any unattended baggage may be removed by the airport police. Secondly, airport theft is happening. Just ask someone to take a look at your bag for a few minutes, or take it with you.

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6. Set an alarm so you don’t miss your plane

If you decide to take a nap, do not forget to set an alarm!

Preferably on several devices.

And keep these device close to you.

Because airports are loud places, and you can miss the alarm very easily.

If you have a smart watch or fitness tracker, set an alarm (on vibrate) on it, too.

7. Find out if you can access an airport lounge

If you want to get some rest, consider purchasing a lounge pass.

Certain credit cards targeting travellers offer perks like free access to airport lounges. 

There are a few more ways to get airport lounge access.

8. Pack your toiletries in a clear ziplock bag

Because that’s the hand luggage rules around the world.

You’ll be asked to take your toiletries out of your bag when passing through security. All your toiletries must be packed in a clear, resealable bag. Pack your toiletries in the ziplock bag before leaving for the airport.

It will speed up the process at the security check.

And you’ll make it through airport security faster.

Don’t forget that you aren’t allowed to bring full size toiletry bottles on a plane:

Under the current rules, you can carry as hand luggage, liquids in individual containers with a capacity not greater than 100 ml and contained in one transparent re-sealable plastic bag of a capacity not exceeding one litre. Liquids cover gels, aerosols, pastes, lotions, liquid/solid mixtures and other items of similar consistency, such as drinks, toothpaste, soups, syrups, perfumes, shaving foam, etc.

Source: ec.europa.eu.

9. Have your laptop and other electronics ready

Just like with the toiletries, have your electronics ready.

Because at the airport you’ll be asked to take your electronics (camera, laptop, tablet reader, powerbank) out of your bag when passing through security.

Keep them separated from the rest of your luggage to save time.

It will speed up the process at the security check.

10. Don’t queue to get on the plane

You have an allocated seat. No one will take it!

So, no need to stand in a long queue at the gate.

Find a seat right next to the gate and wait until most passengers have boarded.

Then head to the gate.

Indor garden in Singapore Changi airport

11. Check your belongings before you leave

Check your belongings before you leave.

Both before boarding a plane and when getting off the plane.

So you don’t leave anything behind.

Remember, any unattended baggage will be removed by the airport police.

12. Buy a Fast Track pass to get through security faster

Of course, you can also fly in premium.

Most of the airlines offer great benefits, such as dedicated check-in counters and fast track security clearance, if you fly first class or business class.

However, if you just want to make it through the security faster, there is another option. Fast Track. Anyone can buy it. It’s pretty cheap. And it helps you to make it through airport security faster. Because you don’t have to wait at the same line with everyone else flying today. You are alllowed to take a dedicated security lane.

And you don’t have to fly premium class.

It’s not available in all airports. And not with all airlines.

13. Don’t forget to pack a powerbank

A shortage of power outlets is a common problem at many airports.

That’s why we would suggest you to always travel with a power bank.

So your phone or tablet never runs out of juice!

If you can’t live without your gadgets, invest in a large capacity power bank,  that not only can charge your phone but also the rest of your gadgets, in some cases even your laptop! If we talk about numbers, around 20 000 mAh is quite a lot. It’s enough to charge most of smartphones at least 4-6 times.

14. Bring an empty water bottle

Yes, you can buy water just before departure.

But it’s an even better idea to bring an empty water bottle, and fill it up after the security check. It’s cheaper and you don’t create any more waste. It’s a win-win for you and our planet.

Due to low level of humidity, airplanes are very dry places.

Even though it may not feel like that. So, it is important to stay hydrated during the flight to prevent the side-effects of dehydration. Especially, if it’s a long flight.

Have a great flight!

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