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We have been helping travellers since 2018.

Thousands of people from around the world have received compensation from airlines thanks to our efforts. The market opportunity is huge, and in the post-2020 world it's only growing. Millions of euro (approximately 14.6 million) go unclaimed every day. Yes, every single day. All because a lot of people still don't know if and when they are eligible to UK/EU flight compensation, and also because it's time-consuming to work with airlines.

In 4 years of operation we have tried and learned a lot.

For more than half a year, we were offering our services on the ground, in several of the busiest airports in Europe. We wanted to try it all, from direct sales to affiliate marketing and partnerhips with both big and small travel agencies. We wanted to have first-hand experience. It worked, but, honestly, sending sales agents to airports isn't the most cost-effective method to attract customers.

  • Now, we know how to attract customers easy, effectively and cost-efficient. It has taken years, but now we are confident about that.
  • We know how to work with the airlines from around the world.
  • And we have built an all-in-one system to run the business.

In 2022/2023, we are ready to take it to the next level

We are ready for new challenges.

That's why now, looking for an external investment, we're starting a crowdfunding campaign on Fundwise. We're looking forward to becoming one of the leading flight compensation companies in Europe -- we have a plan how to make it happen.

At the moment, our goal is to attract €150,000 - €500,000.

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About Refundor

Refundor is an UK/EU flight compensation company.

We help people get compensation from airlines. Whenever a flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked and falls under the Regulation EU261 / Regulation UK261, a passenger may be entitled to up to 600 euro. These rules apply both to European and non-European airlines, and to all passengers. We are based in Riga, Latvia.